The Monk and little insects

The Monk and little insects
The Monk and little insects

Once I was photographing Ganga’s bank in Varanasi. While shooting sunset scenes with my Nikon P 510, I saw a young group of girls and boys, precisely three girls and four boys. They were capturing each others activities to make their moments memorable. While photographing reddish waters of Ganga, an enthusiastic girl approached a chanting monk, who was paying his evening good bye to the God Sun. The girl asked the permission to photograph him. After finishing his chant, the monk passed a assertive smile. I decided to capture that young group’s moments in night and approached them. I saw them enjoying bonfire, which was a great sign of quality pictures. They were enjoying beers, teasing each-others, and performing summer at 69 on guitar. I clicked some pictures, but what I saw later was horribly amoral. They retouched monk’s picture, drew two front teeth’s, colored eyeballs with red color, dyed hairs in reddish-brown shade, and developed an Indian version of an old vampire, to have fun while enjoying their drinks.  I was stumbled in my thoughts and suddenly i saw old monk smiling at youngsters from a distance. 

The monk was seeing all this and not showing a single sign of anger and wrath towards amoral youngsters. As a human being, the monk’s behavior surprised me and tended to ask the reason of such neutral behavior on this insulting behavior. I decided to approach and asked the reason of such neutrality!

I went up to him and touched the feet of monk!

Monk’s: God Bless You My Son!

I asked: why you don’t react over their amorality and insult?

Monk asked: My Son can I ask some questions from you?

I replied: Yeah! Sure!

Monk: Why you take pictures?

I replied: because it is my passion and I love the way the world looks in my camera glasses!

Monk questioned: what if you were clicking the picture of sun set at Niagara fall and some mosquitoes start biting you at the same moment?

I stumbled in thoughts of answering the unexpected questions and was surprised on his knowledge about Niagara fall! I went there to ask the reason of his neutral behavior towards such intense humiliation . And he was interested in asking that what I will do if some little less harmful insects start biting me while shooting sun set at Niagara Fall!

I answered: Obviously I would focus on valuable moment of sun set, not on little insects!

Monk again questioned: Then, why you expect from me to focus on that!

It was an mesmerizing moment and an memorable evening with this monk. His answer learned a lesson to me to not waste time on little insects and focus on the far more important moments of life!


13 thoughts on “The Monk and little insects

  1. Sometimes ignorance takes over the better of us.. The difference between the monk and us is that he is enlightened and we are ignorant 🙂
    Good one!!

  2. I see you are into photography. Really cool!
    I wish i could invest a lot more time, money, materials, etc into it. But, writing, playing chess, music and being a doctor already take a lot of these resources.

    And, thanks for visiting and following my blog.

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