Out to Work: Seems Ignorant of Govt’s Education Schemes

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5 thoughts on “Out to Work: Seems Ignorant of Govt’s Education Schemes

    1. Thanks for liking this picture, but i am sure this girl have never tasted the displaying spices. I took this picture at Old Delhi Railway Station, where i found dozens of others kids there, who were selling such articles. Probably these kids are being planted illegally at tourist spots of Delhi, because tourists come there to have the glimpse of old illiterate spice selling India. For the matter of fact, i observed these kids for more then two hours and during this time, not a single person approached them for purchasing spices but to take pictures. And tourists were in majority.

  1. This picture speaks volume for itself. Decades of westerners romancing the beauty of poverty in India. The hard truth is, there is none. During my stint at an MNC, I had the opportunity to meet many of them, who knew nothing more than colors, elephants, snakes and little Indian beggars. Sigh!

    1. Yeah I agreed with your view, they still know nothing about india, even when India is supporting a major part of their lives right from their bank accounts to insurance claims and telephone bills. But it is sad, that we (Indian Authorities) too not tried to change their perspective by showing the prosperity of India.

      Thanks for sharing your valuable experience.


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