Enjoy Lasting Relationships-A report on weakening relationship bonds of urban Youngsters Part 1

A loving relationship of two opposite genders used to be a form of enduring emotional attachment. Such eternal bondings leads humans being to attain greater goals and successes in their lifetime. But accidentally, such bondings got linked with money and time in contemporary world. Although, running is a borne habit of 21but haste in human relationships can push men-kind into unrecoverable depths. In current scenario, a large section of young generation seems interested in having short term relationships, avoiding long term commitments, mocking at the life-long sentiments of previous generations. They eyes the concept of soul-mates as a work of fiction elaborated in Paulo Coelho novels and wishes to enjoy all young-age pleasures till the evening of their young-age. In such wave, nobody is tending to carve a specific path and following the easy paths like herds, because they cant take risk of experimenting something new due to rejection. But the fear of rejection used to be worse than the real rejection.

We need to look closely at the life-span of our relationships, from our first meetings to endings. We met with our office colleagues, neighbour, classmate, share our lives, experience newer things and get apart in just a couple of months, while scapegoating each other for the resulted emotional disaster. Such relations hurt our hearts equally and tend our minds to take the driver seat and not allowed the heart to enter in any relationships further. But again, there is a heart that needs a heart to give birth to a heart, so it starts another expedition for another heart. Infights of mind and heart, usually mind wins due to constant evidences of physical world.

I think that the seed of such breakups lies in the speedy & immature association of hearts (latest use of barter system by humans). In social networking’s age, everybody is competing with Edward Cullen and Isabella in terms of persona and trashing their own original persona’s due to lack of believe in ourselves. Thus, when we like someone and want to have in our lives, we display best & refined persona’s of us as an attractive mask. Although, such masks help us temporarilyin hiding unattractive features and lure the opposite genders. But eventually, when we get close to our love mates, the real personalities get unveiled and both sides feel cheated, disappointed and dissatisfied with our choices.

I don’t understand, why we indulge ourselves in such Loveless Loving relationships, which are like recruitment process of our contractual Soul-mates. The selection of a soul-mate on the basis of qualification, salary, and looks is not good and lasting in any sense. Still, we choose the best ones of them and get congratulated by our friends for marring a highly qualified or silver-spoon girl. Having a girl friend, boyfriend is a matter of prestige now days and so everyone is in search his Edward and Isabella. Everyone is in the race of winning the heart of one’s Edward & Isabella and defeating Jacobs. And the more dangerous factor of this trend is the following of this trend by teenagers.We enjoy beginnings, have newer experiences and then drastically broke up with wrenched hearts. The constant use of brain in finding love decreases the emotional purity and innocency at each time when we get separated. Thus, when we compares our emotions towards love & relationships at different years, we see a wide contradictory changes. We tag youngage emotions as lack of maturity or foolishness in our late twenties.

Such short term love less loving packages lead you to a wrenched state of mind, where you don’t even feel convinced your life with your wedded partner and live life in isolation by wandering around the profile pictures of your male/female face-book friends. Very few dare to accept the uncommon process of sacrificing their pleasures to find their treasures. Such people choose to listen their heart in their professional as well as in personal life and live their life as they decided not as the society did for them. The heart listeners don’t be in any race and live every second of their lives. So don’t get hasty just remember a Newton’s law that tells that there is a single voice in this world for every one that increases one’s heartbeat so wait to listen that voice and keep your heart open, who know when your soul-mate is about to come!


24 thoughts on “Enjoy Lasting Relationships-A report on weakening relationship bonds of urban Youngsters Part 1

      1. That’s a great idea but I am not mentally prepared for such a nice ending right now…. You may go ahead 🙂

        I shall add the second part as another 100 word story someday soon!!! Thanks for the idea, again.

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