The Untouchable, Unnoticeable, The god and their state of love

I don’t know whether I am capable enough to write on this profound topic or not. But, it is just a daring effort of following the voice of my innerspring to write for The God and their state of Love. So as per my personal observation, all the human souls are transmitted on the face of earth with hidden individualistic reasons. as we grow in our lives, we learns the way of achieving such goals. Sometimes, in our sheer foolishness, we start naming the supernatural power instead of focusing on jobs but, we, humans cannot give a specific name to God and explore the cause of our existence. Moreover, we cannot illustrate creator’s motives through words and or activities. In current scenario, the most wandered souls are naming themselves as the true followers of religion and God. They strictly follow the teachings of ancient prophets, who have left written accounts of their spiritual understandings.

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Probably, all the ancient prophets might have experienced the omens of god and converted them in teachings for the good of peoples. We probably have misunderstood the teachings and mistakenly lost the connection of our soul from god. Soon after discovering the fire, human souls started revering the god because their religious books, dictated to do so. But, we forget the ways of recognizing our soul motives and started earning dollars, expending kingdoms and in having nuclear wars. Whatever, we do to convince that Supernatural Power like chanting mantras in temples or standing in long praying queues of devotees in the courtyard of abbeys, but nothing works out. The supernatural power does not need temples or the long queues of devotees. We all are transmitted to earth with an individual & peculiar reason and thus, the ultimate dyer incline us at significant points of time to understand our personal calling. So just try to feel the voice of your heart and follow the crucial omens in life. For our surprise, the God gives us the chance to enter in the world of possibilities through the door of true love. True Love breaks all the men made psychological, economical, & practical obstacles and let the souls enter in a state of free will. It is the chance to live an extra ordinary life and fulfill the expectations of our creator. But, we don’t know, when the true love will come and will be able to recognize our soul mates? Thus, we should always keep the doors of our hearts open to grant the entry of our most awaited soul mate and one day a soul will come and knock your door and will say, I will write love on your arm my love!


8 thoughts on “The Untouchable, Unnoticeable, The god and their state of love

  1. Hey me realy touched… it’s nice subject and you should write on that……… seriously good work anant… All d very best dear …

  2. ..AS u said ….”The God gives us a single chance to enter in the world of impossibles through the door of True Love. Thus, we should keep the doors open of our hearts to grant the entry of a right person.”………………this 2 word right person……..contain lots of efforts ………..sum time 1 life not enough …… get that…………:)

    1. to meet or not to meet with that right one is not in our hands so lets keep the doors open and keep listening our hearts.

  3. “Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up. If any one imagines that he knows something, he does not yet know as he ought to know” 1 Corinthians 8:1-2
    Thank you for your not knowing, but trusting Love!!!

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