Weekly Writing Challenge: Style Imitation

 The Goat and the Lion 

On seeing weekly writing challenge: style imitation, i could not stopped myself to imitate  the writing Style of great and inspirational Brazilian writer Sir Paulo Coelho, who is known for writing numerous inspiring fiction novels such as Alchemist, 11 Minutes and the Zahir. Fortunately, my first ever read was Alchemist, which tended me to think analyze and read a wide range of literary pieces. At here, i am trying to imitate the style of Paulo Coelho in my way, i hope it will look good and a bit similar to his novels.

Short Story Blog

Bakri kahai O sher jee tu kyu khave mohai!!!!
Mene tera kya bigada tu kyu khave mohai!!!!
Sher kahe O bakri jii tu bhi kha le mohai,
Je baat to hai bus daant ki,
na meri na toy, na meri na toy!

Translation: A goat asks with Lion, Mr. Lion  why you eat goats and other animals, why don’t  you eat vegetables and tree leafs like us, then we will live together like friends.

Lion Replies with due respect, Miss Goat its not my wish to kill and eat such a beautiful and harmless noble creatures but i am helpless due to my specific creation and eat me if you can. It not mine not yours, its just a matter of individual’s creation and roles that directs us to fulfill specific duties in our lives. We are sent on this earth for specific goals and wishfully or reluctantly, we follows the pre-decided path of our specific lives. Complaining for our problems and issues goes completely in vain  and leads us to unproductive fronts. So we should keep flowing with the stream line and there is our heart that directs us to take the right turns at the right time.


15 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Style Imitation

  1. first of all , gr8 to know u too are a fan of paulo Coelho! nice way of imitating.loved the humour and the deep understanding lying behind it. Certainly we are exceptional and individualistic in each respect and that too for a purpose in life.rather than complaing we should enhance our heights and acheive our best… have a look at a link ..which has similar saying… http://wp.me/p1Zs7k-4G

    1. Yup you are right and i really like Paulo Coelho and his way of explaining mystical stuffs in an easy manner, even with his fictional characters. It is really good to have you in my followers, you are simply brilliant and yours posts too!

  2. Loved this post. A great fan of Coelho’s that I am, I am bound to love it. Having read all of his books, I cannot really find a true comparison of his books. The Alchemist is one I must have read more than 10 odd times and still read it when time permits. I liked your inscription above. Keep them coming!

    I nominated you for the SUNSHINE AWARD as your posts are always brightly shining with your thoughts. Pick it up from here,
    -Asha 🙂

  3. really impressed! everything is very open and very clear explanation of issues. it contains truly information. your website is very useful. thanks for sharing. looking forward to more!

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