She dashed into the hall to grab the front seat.

His independent movie was acclaimed by critics. She knew he would be here today. If he won, she could even hear him – his acceptance speech! She hadn’t seen or heard him in past seven years. He was an aspiring director then.

“One of the nominated directors.” whispered someone sitting next to her, pointing at the door.

She looked out with a throbbing heart.

There HE was! Charming as ever!

He walked in. His right arm around a beautiful woman; His left hand-held a little one to his chest!

The Wait

After seen a young women by his side, I stemmed all of my emotional tsunamis. My mind got numbed and the last thought was about the existence of the lady standing beside her.

She must be his partner and he should have! No men can spent 7 long years lonely, but somewhere my heart was not agreeing with logical thoughts of my numbed mind.

All of a sudden, I left my seat and approached the exit door to avoid meeting him with teary cheeks. On the way back to home, I burst into unceasing tears and cursed myself for not forgiving his small mistakes. His cute kid like face, his energetic voice, his passion for towards writing and our dreams of growing old was flashing before my eyes day and night. All of my efforts of ignoring his existence were going completely in vein.


People say that a glass of liquor helps us in overcoming from long lived pains but it was proving wrong. Although, my eyes were opening properly and loosing sense, but he was appearing more strongly in my unconscious state of mind. I stopped reading news papers, took a week-long off from office and barred all the possible ways from where his existence can peep into my cursed life. The alcohol was the only reason for which I was going out; dressing me, talking with people, as it doesn’t delivered at your door step.

At one morning, when I opened my fridge to plunge into the ocean of unconsciousness in a swim suite made of vodka, I didn’t find even few drops of liquor. I get dressed to buy some more bottles of liquor and approached my fixed Wine-shop. In the way, I was getting blind drunk and not recognizing even known faces.

On reaching wine shop, I forwarded my credit card for payment. While waiting for my stuff and card, I felt as if my face was popping again and again and almost all news channels. I could not understand the reason of such strange presence. I took my bottle of liquor and ran away from the wine shop, as being on police radar seemed a possible reason of such over presence on news channels to me. I was long steps to home and abusing neighbors for probably complaining to police due to my over drinking.

Hurriedly, I reached and locked my door from inside and closed all of the ways that can be used by intruders. Being feared, I blenched in my blankets and shivering cold with fear.

Suddenly, I sensed that some-one was knocking at my door. I ignored the first few knocks, but then a familiar childish voice wine-shop vibrated my eardrums. It tended me to open the door. I was sure that I paid well for my bottle of Vodka. But He forwarded my card and said, Shreya Didi, Ye bhaiya aapko dhoodhn rahe the, aap inko janti hain?

Completing his question, he moved back. Before I could make any response, a strong hugged me. I was still blind drunk and not understanding, how can an unknown boy dare to hug me.

But even being blind drunk, I recognized the grip. The scent of “Park avenue Good Morning” was a knowing one and the arms wrapped around me was breaking my unconsciousness and reviving me again, again after seven years. Somewhere in a bit active conscious mind, I tried to get him away from me to recognize. But, it used to really difficult to get over with the things that your heart likes. I was lovingly losing my breath in familiar grips and wanted to rest in his like arms. But as I managed to keep the unknown away and slept for his mischievousness, I got stunned. It was he, my love for whom I waited ceaselessly with open eyes and arms. With whom, I wished to have some moments with him. But that day at Cinema Hall ended all my innocent dreams with him. All in sudden, I understood the reasons my presence in news channels, my love was searching me around the world. I began to cry. Tears were rolling downs from my pinkish cheeks and I told about the situation at Cinema Hall, when I saw her with that beautiful lady and cute kid in arms.

He palmed my face and whispered, my baby! She is just my assistant director and it was my commitment to her that we will enter together in hall on the special screening of our film. It plunged me into deeper oceans of cheery tears. Tears were rolling down from his face. Our soul eyes were entwining together and his arms were wrapping around me.

And then the wait got over………………

And we kissed!

Co-written by Nisha Jyoti Sharma and Anant Awasthi


3 thoughts on “Wait

  1. hey, sorry for the delayed comment…

    Absolutely loved the way you gave my story a positive turn… Wish every story had such a beautiful ending… and of course Loved the ending of the completed story… very powerful yet so tender…!!!

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