"Book Review The Krishna KeyAfter reading 464 pages long substantially written and well composed novel, The Krishna Key,  I was happy that Indian Anglo writer fraternity has writers like Ashwin Sanghi, who do hard-core research for their fiction works.The writer explores scientific bases of eon old Vaidik Civilizaiton for youngsters in form of his pulsating thriller storycalled. The way of giving reasoning to Indian holistic rituals like the value of Kalash in Shiv Temples, the scientific role of Bel leaves, and the ancient Indian architectural intellect in establishing giant Shiva Lingam in air at Somnath Temple. Genetics connect with mythological character Raktbeez and reasoning for recent  Islamic extremists’ attacks on Hindu Temples are unparalleled in nature.

Not a single writer in India has gone so far in research of these logically probable aspects of Indian mythology. It is a book for the ones who interests in developing scientific reasoning about Indian mythological stories.

Now, we need to talk about the real story that lies in 464 pages long researched novel. It is a story of a 50th touching history Prof. Ravi Mohon Saini, who somehow got labeled as a murderer of his dearest archeologist friend Anil Varshney. In real, Varsheny got killed by deluded young man Tarak Vakil, who unquestionably follows the commands of his revered Mataji. In quest of finding a hidden treasure, left by Lord Krishna himself, there is a series of murders of seasoned research professionals from chapter 1 to 108. As the conflict between Ravi Mohan Saini and Mataji’s supposed 10th incarnation of Vishnu rose high with each chapter until 108. The story becomes really interesting, when a ruthless yet intellectually initiated underworld don Sir Khan enters in this equation of searching lost genocidal weapon of Lord Krishna, called “the Krishna Key” and proved himself as the veiled director of tiny actors like Mataji and his devotee Tarak Vakil.

My Experience As A Reader: In this section, I love to express my personal opinions about a book that can be varied on your personal experiences.

Being an avid book reader, I started reading this book right from a Friday evening and reached onto 58th chapter in just two days. Though, it was hard to grasp all the details, given in the book, but i tried my best to understand each and every fact of the book. But, I could not pick up the book again until these Diwali holidays. It is like a collaboration of facts drew from ancient Shashtra’s and Upnishad’s that are hard to grasp easily. The story can be more interesting with the evolution of that sage’s character, which exhibits three times and recites the same line, “Philosopher is more important than the stone”. There can a conversation with the sage over alchemy rather than Saini’s overt display of mystic intellect. Moreover, you went through 1 to 464 pages and found that the Krishna Key is hidden at a place that cannot be exposed! It is really disappointing. The protagonist is not unearthing a valuable relic just because a religious place cannot be harmed. There could be a better reason for not discovering the relic.  In short, the last sacred 108 numbered chapter can be more focused. It can be focused on finally found Krishna Key or the sage’s comment, “Philosopher is more important than the stone” The protagonist character Ravi Mohan Saini could have state that the exploration of the Krishna key can bring disastrous imbalance in world. Thus, the hidden state of the Krishna Key is a righteous choice for the overall good of mankind.

Reasons to Buy:

If you took interest in reading a well-researched thriller novel with mythological touch like Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code or Angels & Demons.

If you love to read research papers, threaded in an engaging story to explore the reasons behind building seven storied giant Hindu temples like Somnath.

If you wish to explore the authenticity of Indian mythological stories such as construction of Ram Setu, the possibilities of an ancient world war called Mahabharata, the existence of Lord Krishna, the possible evolution of lord Krishna as a statesman from a kid of Gokul.

If you wish to explore the conformity of western scientists with Indian mythological aspects such as possible existence of revered river Saraswati and emission of radioactive substances from all temples of Lord Shiva.

 50 words verdict:

The Krishna Key is must read for the ones, who interests reading Dan Brown; it is far better than The Da Vinci Code. Read this book to unveil the scientific aspects of MahaBharata and existence of most cunning mythological character Lord Krishna that is still practical even after 5000 years of his probable existence.

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9 thoughts on “Book Review: The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi for Blog Adda

  1. Wow Anant, fantastically written! I’ve always been a huge ‘fan’ of Krishna & have also enjoyed works of Dan brown, so it seems like this is one book not to be missed. Loved your very well written review and I’m now looking forward to buying a copy of this book! Thanks for bringing this to my notice 🙂

  2. it was a wonderful review! You created a beautiful aura of the book and an interest for everyone who would be having a typical bent of mind in mythology,suspense, philosophy . Your review was perfect and truly admiring!

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