Are We Looking For Alice?

Some days back, I was watching Resident Evil: Retribution at PVR Saket. I have been a big fan of this movie series as the movie resembles our real world. In the movie, lead character Alice saves mankind from the disastrous experiments of a capitalistic company, Umbrella Corporation, trying to invent biological weapons that unfortunately result in zombie apocalypse.

In the fifth installment of the film, few security personals are on a mission to bring Alice out from the hostage of Umbrella Corporation in order to save the mankind from extinction. The antagonist was trapping Alice in feminine emotions by inducing the visions of being a mother of an eight year old girl in her dreams. Another savior of Alice on the mission, Ada reveals the truth behind having eight year old girl kid but Alice refuses to accept completely due to the strong emotions and puts her life in danger to save her imaginary daughter. 

Suddenly, my phone flashed. It was an SMS from one of my journalist friends about a young girl, who has been brutalized and raped by seven youngsters in a moving bus in south Delhi. It was not just an update but a security alarm to be alerted till their arrival to escape us from here, as the culprits were still on the roads of Delhi in search of new victims. It terrified and sweated my face with fear. I looked at my partner’s eyes with fear and bypassed my reason of terror towards movie. She was enjoying the counter attacks of Alice on zombies, consecutive victories of Alice over biohazard, and Red Queen owned Jill’s failure in getting her hands on Alice. She was enjoying movie with my hands in hers but I was looking at her with fear of extinction, of being brutalized, and of getting killed for no reason because we can not expect a sudden help from our local security. For a second, I took this as a misunderstanding that my mind has mistakenly placed the ongoing film in our world but my inbox cleared my confusion. Movie was fast approaching to its end and i was waiting for my friends to come and escape us from this zombie land. Eventually movie finished with the victory of Alice and our friends escaped us in a car  with hockey sticks from there.

Delhi Gang-rape case, women violence, sexual molestation, Delhi-gangrape case victim, sexism in advertisement, sexual ads, obscene ads, dolce & Gabbana
Source: India Today

 We left my partner at her place safely and approached to our house but it did not leave me relaxed.

i could not sleep for days. I have always loved the film for Alice as she defeats the zombies at the end. Somewhere I believe that this story sneakily relates with our real world but we do not have Alice. People are getting insane day by day, running at bullet speed to nowhere. Centuries old cultural values, communal fraternities are ceaselessly demolishing steadily. New trends of humanistic brutality are being set by insane humans. I am afraid to regard such individuals as inhuman or even as animals. They exemplify to be an outcome of some failed social experiment or disastrous results of insane and crony capitalism.

Brutality that Shivered the Nation more than 2° Celsius

The heinous act has currently put the entire nation on an emotional strike. People are gathering at iconic locations in Delhi. Considerably, it is not a political campaign or cause that affects people rationally. This act of inhuman brutality has shivered the entire nation and even the rational and bystander journalists. People of India have already suffered a lot with crimes due to the inabilities of government but this was an epic event of six decades long Bahu-Bali tradition. The psychology of getting impunity via bribing police men is robbing people in their houses, raping girls in moving buses, and shivering humanity in India.

Since last 5000 years, India has been a state of Angles and Demons. Demons have always tried to convince the people about their philosophy but the commitment of angles towards law & order has kept the people’s faith restored in Dharma. It has been the golden rule of society that saviors must be of men, of commitment, selflessness, and altruism. The rule of Dharma creates an atmosphere to learn, earn and spend, which have been the basic needs of a society. The availability of these aspects differentiates a society as utopia or dystopia.

I have been a kind of a rational guy, especially when it comes to commenting on such cases. Last 13 days have been of emotional disturbance and mental retribution towards the real antagonists behind the disaster of the ‘Great Indian Society’. Being merely a spectator like all other protesters,  I was trying to keep myself away from posting comments on FB and twitter. As I was not sure if the law fenders would spare me a jail term for any of my Facebook & Twitter comment!

Role of Capitalism in this Social Disaster

India has been a country of two contrast ideologies. Relatively, Indian political voice has always been oscillating in between communism and capitalism. Capitalism supports the theory of Darwin that tends one to take any action for his survival and profit, whereas communism talks about the overall good of a society.

This is too long a theory to be explained in this post. But, I would like to mention few incidents that have probably backed the psychological disaster of the Great Indian Society indirectly .

Capitalism is effecting this democracy since long and has been the absolute reason behind the deterioration of democracy in India. Corporate organizations in India are following States’ way of selling their products and brands. Due to globalization, multiple Indian corporations has been finished or on the verge of facing solvency.

Fools we are, if we can’t see the psychological armies marching against us!

The race of grabbing maximum clientage is tending business organization to win at any price. Relatively, you can see numerous sexist TV commercials that portray females as an object to consume. The still unprepared audience of Indian society is watching ads like Amul Macho, deodorants giant Wild stone’s ad, Kamasutra condoms, Moods Condoms, and Black Whiskey. All of these ads portray women as the prime object to consume.

Delhi-gangrape case victim, sexism in advertisement, sexual ads, obscene ads, dolce & Gabbana
Source: Google

See What Psychological Hazards & Government Did in 2012 in Delhi!

635 women got raped!

754 zombies arrested!

348 rape victims are waiting for justice!

1 zombie convicted for rape!

See Alarming Increment In Eve Teasing

193 girls get teased

200 zombies get arrested

0 zombies get convicted for eve teasing

Look at Dowry death cases, happens due to less gift amounts

128 girls killed for not bringing a sufficient amount of money as dowry.

0 zombies convicted in Dowry death cases.

I have few questions to ask!

Are these planned sexual explosions and psychology of being immune even after committing heinous acts like rape not making a dangerous cocktail for Indian society?

Are we looking for a savior, who will save our society from such zombies?

Are we looking for Alice?

                                                                                                                 Written By: Khyati Sehgal | Anant Awasthi


24 thoughts on “Are We Looking For Alice?

  1. Our world is slowly going mad and the wheels of justice are skidding in their tracks.. What a powerful and thought provoking post..

      1. Dear Anant, you are very true and I think the data will be more than this, because mostly people don’t disclose, Govt should make a strick law with implementation for these type of incidents.
        Naeem Peace builder

  2. Every other day, I wish there would have been a crack team of undercover assassins in this country..self-motivated..controlled by none. Sole aim of these assassins would be to eradicate criminals before they land up in courts. Targets would include rapists, murderers, corrupt politicians ..any criminal whose crime reaches extraordinary levels. Only then can there be a sense of terror in the minds of such elements. A criminal would know that a bullet out of thin air is waiting for him as soon as he is escorted out of Tihar.

  3. Most of the men are slaves of their desires. Our ancient sociologists and seers named them Vitteshna, putreshna and lokeshna some literary told it Kanchan kirti and kamini. These desires differentiate men with animals. The development of this globe is going just a physical manifesto of these three basic desires. These desires are consequences of motivations and stimulus and it could be man, motive or market driving and dominating the society. The few things which control the social psychology are education, religion and politics. these days and in the modern history these basic social components have surrendered to the “money and fear” termed by Hitler. Many more people believe the law can create some solutions but I don’t think so. So now those who know how to play with them are making their profits individuals are engaged in rest after effects. You and me are engaged in analyzing and writing. can you plan some other tangibles to eradicate the evil? 🙂

      1. for that sake they have to know the means of heritage first. It requires intensive research and exploration. I found none ready to invest their time in this foolish job 😦

  4. The first thing we must do to be able to change something is being proactive and conscious, of any impact in all form of communication, so when we eat, cook, play, work, spend, buy, see TV, listen radio, etc, we communicate without word, and are often manipulated by those media and manipulate other. We must stop this control game.
    we can’t wait or let the the other act before to help us to change, if we always wait the next generation to apply some change, this is an infinite pattern that have no end.
    This is more big than we think, but when the change will emerge from people themselves, The move will gonna be like a virus for the good and he will expand exponentially.
    Stopping bad information hitting your brain is one way, Being active physically, intellectually, spiritually and always open to receive any critic to learn from and without complaining, in reality this is a gift that let’ s you know what they think of you or your habits, Peoples can only see what they are already in the others peoples(positive and negative). If they complain about you, you have 1 more gift, this one is to know how the other people really are themselves. Finally education must change to be more in a mode of cooperation with a taste of competition.

    1. You broached an important issue of being manipulated by such mediums. Millions of million people protests for some cause end up watching comedy shows based on their unproductive protests and laugh on themselves for being so stupid by fighting against the ruling government for any cause. It is not democracy. It is sophisticated and systemized anarchy. Another point is also commendable in your post that waiting for coming generations to act upon something will make this a perennial disease of mankind.

      Thanks for Stopping at my blog! Your comment is thought provoking!

  5. A very significant post, dear. It is your generation that needs to advocate and look for solutions and resolutions in the making of social reforms to benefit masses. Tongues cannot run dry – we need to creatively, intelligently and humanly voice our concerns for a stable, healthy and meaningful society – which should be the most fundamental concern for each human.
    Best revolution is of the mind — mind-set plays a vital role in the making of a society, hence, it is your pen that has stabbed the paper — stab it again and again — to register the inhuman atrocities in the world.

    1. Thanks for Stopping at my blog! It was thought provoking!

      I’ll keep putting my thoughts further on such issues. We should be serious about our actions and in our reactions to keep our thoughts and activities focused on uprooting this Goon turned zombie system.

  6. Anant, I am looking forward to you meeting the Vietnam War spawned, outlaw of yesteryear, the young American, Road, whom you’ll find in the story I suggested you read, Road’s Cannon. I hope he doesn’t confuse you, due to our language and cultural differences. He might bring to life for you what Blood-Ink-Diary said here concerning solutions and resolutions…

    The similarities you brought up between the Delhi gang-bangers and the zombies in the Resident Evil / Retribution movie are startling. I never beheld a relationship between a Resident Evil movie sequel and the country of India. Now that you have showed me this, I have a more thorough or vivid view of what global capitalism is doing to India. Thank you for prying my eyes open to this.

    When you get started on your reading of the story, you might want to leave comments here ~ ~ and we can discuss it and how it might relate to you and India.

    Thank you, Anant!

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