Are We Really Independent And Can Flourish Democracy?

Photo essay

“Nothing has deteriorated human kind as the crony capitalism did!”

On a fine Sunday morning, I was flipping through the pages of “The Sunday Guardian”, which is my favorite newspaper. While flipping through the pages, I struck upon photo essay of the week that was having something unusual.

There were some pictures that I clubbed to create my first ever collage.

This collage tend me to think about the wretchedness of south Asian countries during the rule of Queen powered Capitalism. They first offered tea to divert the focus from business. Futher, they induced the psychology of serving is better than being served. Capitalism entered as spice buyers in Asia, studied Asians socially, psychologically, and economically to form their further strategies.

After centuries of rule, it gave us a flower of democracy. It is surprising that the minds which are bound in confines of century old capitalistic slavery are entitled to flourish the tree of democracy.

Asia In Last 60 Years!

Extremists in Kashmir cleansed the valley with eon old Hindu-Muslim fraternity instead of Kashmiri Pandits, Neighbor countries keep fighting for about 65 years and counting for acquisition of a snow covered valley. Killings of innocent human beings became the devotion to a religion. Hundreds of hundreds youngsters get slaughtered on the name of Mandir & Mosque. Decade old reigns get uprooted due a revolution seeded in social networking sites of capitalistic countries. Currently, youngsters in such states grow up with dreams of getting from their towns to live in a developed country and have dinner at an exclusive restaurant.

Countries show off their arms and ammunition as achievements of few decades independence and throws a sketch person behind bars for expression of personal thoughts. An open mind person is Rebel in such societies.

On contrary to this, we saw the invention of social networking world, World Wide Web, best selling writers, leading search engines.

Aren’t We Entitled to Define the Real Meaning Of Democracy & Indipendence?

Happy Independence Day to Such States


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