Family Should Come First or Nation

Few days back, I was reading an article in Hindustan Times, dated February 15th 2013, stating the brutality of United State’s child protection law. This article was about the campaigning of an Indian lawyer to reunite India based Saha Family with their one year old granddaughter named Indrashish Saha. Baby Indrashish is in foster care unit since recent September and her grandparents from India are contesting for their rights. ”Suranya Aiyer” the columnist has clearly mentioned utterly horrible cruel child protection laws of countries like Britain, where authorities can take babies away at birth from their mothers, if mothers are taken care by care workers. It is really horrible to know that a federal law can separate a mother from her new born baby just because incompetency of giving an USA like living standard.

In case of Saha family, Indian government has exceptionally put pressure on States to look into matter to give baby Saha’s parenting rights to her grandparents in India. In return, States has commenced an investigation on Saha family’s capabilities to give a proper living to one year old baby comparatively US foster care unit. In this odd probe, the investigators asked about air conditioning system, annual income, and level of education, physical appearance, and salient personality traits of grand patents.


The Question

It was horrible to know about such laws that can separate an infant from its parents just because they cannot give a good living to the infant. But, I also saw something different like to seek guidance from the experts that are we not taking the risk of giving under development youngsters to the country.

In India, where we give an extent of importance to interpersonal relationships of parents and kids, emotional and psychological reservations have developed inappropriate collection of manpower. India has the biggest share of world young population but not applicable in nation’s growth.


We show our temporary pity on the wretched life of baggers by offering few coins but it does not solves the problem. However, state’s child protection law is horrible but nation’s is interest is at first then individual interests in USA. The question for Indian society is simple.

“Are we not generating deeper graves for nation by showing concerns over individualistic interests instead of nations?” 

Image Source: Google                                                                                                      Written By: Anant Prakash 


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