Girls Never Love Twice

Every woman loves a rebel and wants to marry with a Sahib….And, only few men travels from one pole to other.

A 16 years old fly like a free kite, loves her ardent kite runner, his smile on flying his kite in open sky & saddened face too on losing his kite. The kite runner keeps running across the mountains, lakes, ridges, and valleys, with eyes fixed on his freely flowing kite to get his hands again on his kite. In time, Kite learns big things while flying on highs and sees the opportunity of becoming a boeing by accompanying a trained pilot than an ardent lover.

Love goes broad for girls as they travels through her teenage to youth; it extends their personality and asks to give something to their world and doesn’t allow them to indulge in teenage love again.

Girls never loves twice…

Thus, Girl Marries a Sahib and Kite Runner Becomes a Gangster…


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