I’ll Feel Again

It was awesome to feel things and write about them. There were issues with grammar and sentence structures but notions were clear. I was feeling things around me and penning them down. I was exploring the world and celebrating the rains as a child does.

Then, the content writing thing came across; I started working on the basics of English grammar, vocabulary, and genres of writing but somewhere I lost feeling things that were existing around me. Financial charts started going up; buying new gadgets every month became usual. Albeit, ATM cards were getting more competent but i was running out of inspiration and thirst of contriving unique things. So, when I looked back, I found that I had mistakenly mixed the profession with passion and started seeing every source of creativity from monetary point of view.

Girl with Camera

Your love ditches you when you go practical with that. Using your creativity solely for earning money deprives you from the soul of the world. You start taking everything like your Facebook page, short story blog, Instagram, and Twitter handles as a potential asset of future. It stops you from experimenting new things. It constrains your creative voyage in financial dockyards. You take your love for nature as the source of earning money, which separates you from the universal soul, which begets creativity in human.

But, I will get over with this fear. I’ll no more carry the fear of becoming nobody. From now so on, I’ll not miss wandering in old book markets to feel the scent of old books, clicking photographs of usual stuffs, looking at old forts to embrace their regality, and creating my own world of creativity.

beautiful girl with camera
Source: Google

From Today Onwards, I’ll Feel
I’ll feel the people around me…

I’ll feel the nature around me…

I’ll feel the God within me…

I’ll feel love around me…

I’ll unchain the soul within me…


15 thoughts on “I’ll Feel Again

  1. Wishing you luck on this new journey. You write really well, I am sure, you’ll soon feel the things around you,and regain the lost innocence and creativity. 🙂

  2. Hi Guys…Sorry for responding late. Actually, my escape from financial dockyard turned up a bit harsh and swelled up my right arm. So i am unable to type 😦 Thanks for your unconditional support and love for me! I am obliged!

  3. hats off to you bro…i have read a very touchy and thought-provoking write-up after such a long time..i liked it very much because its the same perplexity of profession and passion that we all faced at some point of time in our lives….

  4. “I’ll feel the people around me…
    I’ll feel the nature around me…
    I’ll feel the God within me…
    I’ll feel love around me…
    I’ll unchain the soul within me…”

    Just loved it.. felt every word of it…
    Hi Anant… a great post indeed. You’ve really explained the importance of feeling… Feeling we often use this term but what exactly it means, a tough job to explain…
    You’ve explained really well!

    Thanks for stopping by my space 🙂

  5. Exactly what Mum had told me when I had to choose my career. As they say, just relax and let the creativity flow. You can never hold sand within a clenched fist . Lovely post. Cheers 🙂

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