If My Dad Was A Politician

Shoes Of the DeadIn a court room, packed with media persons and twittering audience, Justice Naidu finally came on rage and hammered his gable on his bench to bring silence. But, Satyavir and Sukirti were not going to slow down their pitches and legal argument was turning into personal altercation.

It was not a usual courtroom proceeding. A national political leader was facing trial in the esteemed court of nation. National and international media was keeping a tab on each unfolding of the proceeding. The alleged role of formerly revered Politician Ram Prasad (M.P.) in land allotment scam made him to face the trial. Sukirti Prasad, the daughter of Mr. Prasad, was supporting the public.

She is best known for her idealistic, left leaning, socially active image, and for her recent stand of filing the public interest litigation against her own father in land scam. And, Satyavir Randhava is best known as a self-made, law-abiding, and trouble-shooter for Mr. Prasad’s political party. He has been a fan of Mr. Ram Prasad’s statesmanship persona since his teenage. He even seems inspired with the persona of Mr. Prasad and his political knowledge. But, somewhere he was noticing the declining interest Of Mr. Prasad in current day politics. Though, he had often noticed Mr. Prasad saying that let us go and leave this place (politics).

Final Day Hearing:

Satyavir Randhava was trying to keep the dignity of Mr. Prasad intact from the harsh allegations of Sukirti Prasad. It was looking like the war between Good v/s evil but noticeably the evil was not even trying to defend itself. Sukirti was fiercely putting facts one on one to prove Mr. Prasad as guilty and trying to make him believe in the allegation that was framed up for him. But, the man in his seventies was not even allowing his follower defend himself as if he did not want to get over with such unsolicited allegations. Some allegations do not torn out a Man’s lifelong pride but break the heart. He was simply not waiting for the justice.

Despite the soft corner for Sukirti, Mr. Prasad’s insult was making Satyavir insane. He was not defending Mr. Prasad because of Prasad’s own orders to not deal with his daughter in usual manner. Mr. Prasad wanted to face the trial and made her daughter win. He eventually wanted to take retirement from this current day politics because of wretched state of politics. Satyavir was calmly seeing the proceedings.

The Justice:

But, eventually the discussion came on a halt and Justice Naidu started giving his verdict by giving imprisonment of three years. A tear fell down from Mr. Prasad’s right eye and Justice Naidu’s too because he knew this man for years but Justice demands evidences and so Justice Naidu was going to finish his verdict then suddenly Satyavir stood up and shouted…

Satyavir Revoked:

Punish Me too…I am a criminal…Punish all of us. We all are criminals. I was studying in class ninth, when Mr. Prasad given me a black coat. Though, the coat was not of my fit but surely of my visions. He has given me the vision to think beyond bread and butter and so other kids of my slum. He should be even hanged till death because he worked day and night to uplift the lives of slums. He should face the legal trial because he has been a law abiding person for whole of his life and because he invested his hard earned money on her only daughter to enjoy the knowledge of.

Sukirti questioned: Do you mean that I should not stand against the guilty just because Mr. Prasad is my father. The justice does not see relations my friend Satyavir. He should be punished if he has done something wrong.

Well, Let me ask you that what you would have been doing if your father was a politician, especially of this kind.

It brought a big silence in court room. Justice Naidu was calmly looking at the recent unfolding in this case and Satyavir’s first ever statement.

After thinking for a while, Satyavir replied to Sukirti’s answer.

Well, the scene would have been different by then. I would not have hated Mr. Prasad because deep inside I know the fact that nobody born as evil. It is us, who made a clean soul corrupt, unethical, and unauthentic. You have earned your graduation and masters in Law in Europe. Have you ever thought that how your father has given such lavish lifestyle? Do you really think that your dad’s ethical salary was enough for providing the higher education to you? Do you really think that all politicians are corrupt in this country?

Sometimes we start taking politicians as the demigods that they cannot commit mistakes irrespective of any possible circumstances. We have underrated this profession. We always ignore looking at the filthy side of politics. A politician of any kind whether a corrupt one or an honest one lives India’s most dejected and hatred lifestyle for wearing Khadi. They start building their public opinions since the age of 7th class. I wonder that why we forget our attitude towards so called chamchas of our Neta Ji. That Chamcha people becomes the Neta ji of your coming generations. They try hard to keep their masters happy no matter how. This process of keeping masters happy and ensuring maximum public faith corrupts the soul of our politicians. Now, we prefer to see a celebrity like a film star on the political seat instead of an experienced politician. The judgement comes on the basis of a prime time TV show. The time has long gone when we used to believe that whatever we read and watch in news stuffs use to be bare truth. Now, we all have to be a citizen journalist in search of the hidden truth because news stuffs can be fabricated up to any level.

We the people of India have the responsibility to make our national leaders believe that we trust on them and they don’t have the need to prove their innocence on sophisticated prime time TV shows. Though, we should also keep them reminded that our trust is not blind. It is logical. We eventually have to stop making our politicians a puppet in debate shows. They are also humans and we should stand in support of him when necessary. So, they can stop investing on PR agencies for ensuring the maximum public faith. Moreover, we have to give them a privilege to live their own lives instead of working day and night to save their position and keeping away from the clutches of federal investigation agencies. We have to let them free to work with dignity. Making them a part of prime time TV shows is an insult for such professionals. The way to politics needs to be healthy and full of respect. We eventually have to stop characterizing our politicians as the terrorists.

And Sukirti, if my dad was the politicians then I would have been trying to dig out the real consequence that make him to stand here. I would have been trying to make him free from responsible circumstances via constitutional process. It would probably the best possible way to bring back the patriotism and leadership in him. The country still needs experienced leaders. We just need to exonerate the corruption out of them. I would have been doing this if my dad was a politician…

This post is written for the Weekend Contest in association with Shoes of The Dead at BlogAdda.com.



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