Book Review: When Strangers Meet By K. Hari Kumar

When Strangers Meet By K Hari Kumar

Years ago i read Ravindra Singh’s “I Too Had a Love Story” since then i was looking for a read that can surpass that experience and fortunately I came across “When Strangers Meet” and my dream came true.

It is a simply written and beautifully depicted story of three individuals, who co-incidentally meet with each other at Metro Station and start impacting each other life till the last page of the book. Noticeably, it has everything that a young Indian reader seeks. It has love, aggression, teen age dreams, and adolescent ambitions to achieve success in ShahRukh Khan’s Style.

The reader will find an element of his or her own personality in every character of the book. Jai-the protagonist, Pathan-the optimistic, and Krishna Prasad Iyar-the enigma are beautifully crafted real like characters. I must say that the sun-father relationships between Jai & his father and Pathan & Little Aslam, which contradicts each other, touches the heart of reader and give a soul to the book. You will see yourself standing in front of your own father while reading the book, especially if your father is a Mathematics Teacher like Viru Sahastra Buddhi aka Virus.

My Experience as an Avid Reader:

After so many reads, I finally became successful to finish this one in single sitting. It is simply a five hour read. You do not need to think anything while reading the book because it brings you from one story to another in like a smooth and comfortably metro drive. So, you will keep turning the pages without a single pause. The author, who is actively involved in film-Making, has incorporated the flow of a film in this book. So, it keeps moving without a single halt like a novel adapted from film.

50 Words Verdict:

If you are looking for a fresh, interesting, and pulsating read then this is the best one for you. Once you will start reading the book then you will only be able to end up at the last page with a wow gesture.

Post Script: I must say that this book conveys a strong safety message for all Delhi Metro commuters to never take support of any of the gates of a moving train because the gates can be opened accidently. Though, it will be the rarest of the rare case but you should always give yourself a chance to save yourself before meeting with an stranger as an immortal.

I like to pay thanks to Srishti Publication and author K. Hari Kumar for showing trust in me for reviewing this work of fiction.

Book Source : Author
Publisher : Srishti Publishers
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-93-80349-93-0


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