Book Review: The Redeemers by Suresh Taneja

the-redeemers-In time, when India is dealing with grave concerns such as insurmountable corruption, national security threats, disappearing moral values & nationalistic feelings, and crisis of leadership then the prosperous world leading India of 2030 gives a hope to every Indian. As being hopeful is the basic instinct in every Indian so the Redeemers simply gives a hope. A former Indian diplomat Pavan K Varma has also suggested some realistic solutions to get over with these problems in his book Chankya’s New Manifesto.

The story is set in the year 2009 when the nexus of bureaucracy, democracy, and business class is looting the wealth of India; the 1990s globalization policy is going to get an incarnation in form of retail FDI. At the same time, a group of wealthy teens accidently experiences the dark realities of law & order of India and decides to stands against the evildoers. They actually are up to do what Lincoln used to call whaling. This group of teen agers, unknown of prior efforts of eradicating corruption & restoration of India as an accountable democracy, gives an innovative method of bringing corruption out of Indian psyche. Up to some extents, they actually make people believe to live life with integrity by putting national interest ahead of personal ones. The protagonists pour their souls while facing the rage of corrupt souls and dealing with devils over prime time TV shows. And, they win over them and make their best allies. Eventually, it took 20 years for the country to get the status of what USA enjoys now. The countrymen enjoy the lawful lives and feel proud when they look back at the dying nation of 2000 decade.

My Experience as an Avid Reader: As I always reserve this section for my personal comment and what I feel about the story and portrayal of characters so I like to put my point further. It is indeed true that eyes beam up while reading that in distant future 1 rupee can be equal to 100 US dollar. The author has portrayed the characters richly. They make the readers believe in their model of eradication of corruption from India. It seems true and practical but the mention of realistic moments disturbs the mood of a fictional story. The reader tries to go back in time to relate the deeds of these youngsters with the realistic moments took place in India like of Anna Hajare & Delhi Gang Rape Protest. It is highly unlikely that people do not trust on single leader led moment and trust on four youngsters, who merely are standing on the support of a young female TV journalist. Moreover, the so-called nationalistic TV group do not take advantage of this reputation. It is impossible that the government gives authority to a poll, run by a certain private news channel. But, as prophesying is a business that pays least so I like to stay away with that and hope that this novel can give hope to a youngster to do something extraordinary while I am personally thinking of doing something.

50 Word Verdict: However, the story includes some real events of history but it is a work of pure fiction. The act of rationalization will go completely in vain. Still, the story gives hope to stand against lawlessness. It gives courage of doing something extraordinary with national interests & without personal futuristic inspirations.

Author: Suresh Taneja

Pages: 229

ISBN-13 9789382473398

Publisher: Frog Books

Price: INR 145



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