Book Review: India Unlimited By Kulpreet Yadav

India Unlimited BookOn some lazy Sundays, when you wish an escape from your routine life to explore unknown territories, “India Unlimited” grants that momentary escape to you. India Unlimited is a collection of 31 short stories, which brings you in small towns and recites not-so-common short stories about the changing face of India. It is a good book to read while travelling in metro train on your way to office because it does not demand plenty of attention and correlation. The stories are short and crisp so you can easily read one story in just ten to fifteen minutes.

As an Indian English writer, it might have been difficult for “Kulpreet Yadav” as an author, to set the tone of his short stories because all the stories are set in Indian urban cities as well as small towns.  Hence, it is important to keep the language simple and interesting to connect with the teenagers & youngsters. Fortunately, all the stories are full of desi crispness and easily connect with desi hearts of the readers.

On turning pages, you will meet with a peanuts seller, talk to a dead fish about your marriage (Kind of Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island experience), and have a chat with familiar strangers. So, you will feel the pulse of the nation in all these 31 stories. Sometimes, you will smile, shed tears, and experience the beauty of India. It is possible that you can feel the freshness of “Janice Pariat”s ‘Boats on Land’, which are set in north-eastern states of India.

My Experience as an Avid Reader: I really liked the stories as they are real and look like the stories, coming from neighborhood. Further, I loved the language because it is very simple and interesting. The conversation between two characters is quite amusing and full of humor. At times, I felt seeing a movie in a theater because the scene at a Saree shop was too good. It was full of entertainment. I liked every bit of narration of a shopping scene from a husband’s point of view. Moreover, I got Shutter Island like experience while reading “The Fish and My Wedding”. Apart from these, I also liked ‘’The City of Mirrors”, “The Delhi Thug”, and “Bringing Sunset Home”. In fact, the latter one was really lovely.

50 Words Verdict: India Unlimited is a treasure of 31 short stories that introduces you with hype and hopes of this nation that is called India and sometimes “Bharat” or “Hindustan” vice versa. So, it fills you with great joy and mesmerizing stories while you travel to office to come back to home.

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