Five Best Off-beat Hindi Movies That Makes You Think

How much I like Movies? Hmm… You should ask this question from computer’s hard drive, which carry hundreds of Indian and foreign language films, which are close to my heart. I just love watching movies from Indian larger than life movies to Hollywood’s Lord of the Rings kind of movies. They stay in my mind for a minimum of three days if I watch an intellectually off-beat film, especially in theater. So, on being asked by the great people at Blogadda, I decided to talk about my top five offbeat films. Here is the list.

Shahid Movie 1-      Shahid

Directed by Hansal Mehta, Shahid is a biopic of Shahid Ajmi, who was a noted India lawyer and assassinated in 2010. The movie directly brings you in the life of Shahid Ajmi to show how patiently he waited for the justice and believed in Indian judicial system for getting vindication for himself as well as for others who were innocent but framed with serious charges in 26/11 attacks. The biopic raises several abstract questions within you. It questions he legitimacy of people who are on top and decide the fate of common people on the basis of their cast, creed, and religion. The brilliant acting of Raj Kumar Rao and Zeeshan Ayyub infuses the life in the character. This is a sort of movie, which you rarely got to see, especially in Hindi film industry.

K K Menon Movie2-      Shaurya

Shaurya is a film that improves your understanding about the soul of post-independence India. It’s a story of a mid rank army officer (Law), who defends an officer, awaiting trial at military court. The film reveals the close and sensitive relations between Hindu and Muslim army officers, who feel unsafe with each other due to communal riots taking place around the nation at time to time. It a good movie to see how India as a nation lives in the soul of its natives as a secular state, where everyone is free to follow any religion while being loyal to the state.

Priyanka Chopra pictures3-      Saat Khoon Maaf

It’s a wonderful movie. You got to see seven different shades of a woman in her quest of true love. Set in between pre and post independence era of India, the story shocks you thoroughly when you see a kind of intensity in the character of Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes, who kills all her seven lovers and finds the eventual unselfish love in form of god by becoming a nun.

Anushka Sharma IMAGES4-      Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola

It’s a good movie with hidden messages. It tells about the globally inflated retail markets and pseudo-compulsion on human beings to follow trends and passion for achieving a good lifestyle, which in opinion of market forces, lies in big bungalows, cars, and hi-fi amenities. I got the same from Gordon Daiko of the movie Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps that this development and sophisticated lifestyle makes us lifeless. These loans, insurance, and credit-shopping cards slowly-slowly injects the poison of stress in our lives. However, the perspective is a bit socialistic in this movie. I loved the movie because it tells the hard truth in simple language.

kalki koechlin IMAGES5-      That Girl in Yellow Boots

It will be wrong that I pick five off-beat films without picking even one from Anurag Kashyap’s basket. This film “That Girl in Yellow Boots” shocked me, left me unable to react. It is just out of the box and as out as you cannot even comment on this. Moreover, you cannot call it a boring film because it kept a hold on you till the last scene of the movie.

There are other more films that are close to my heart, which includes Gangs of Wasseypur, Maqbool, Shanghai, LSD, and Swadesh. I hope you guys too like something in these films. If in utter excitement, I’ve preached or sort of tortured you then my lovely readers do comment on the post. I will love to listen you’ll.


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