Book Preview Event : Sorting Out Sid

Sorting Out Sid book review

What do you think, when you imagine a book launch event? You may think of an audience, full of understanding of event, and thinking about the good and bad of society with publisher’s catalogue in hand. It can be an auditorium, full of intellectual people and a place to talk about the good things about a just launched book, and get that signed from the author. But, it was a wholly different event. This was a creatively designed event by Creativa India for Harper Collins India on its book launch of “Sorting Out Sid’, written by Yashodhara Lal. The author has already published her previous book as ‘Excuse me: Just Married’, which was a nationwide hit.

Yashodhara Lal

It was a perfect setting for a book preview event, where book bloggers read the book and talked about the plot, grammar, presentation, and witty conversation between characters of the story. Let me clarify that it was not a story that preach you the important lessons of life or make you aware with any known school of philosophy. But, it is a book full of fun, journey, and experience. You can call it a Delhi Metro read because you can relate people around you with the lead characters of the book.


We read, talked, and discussed about the plot and storyline of the book. Fortunately, there were only five members from blogging world to take part in this creative event for launching a book. We all liked the preview of the book and reactions of the bloggers, who end up finishing the first half of the book at the end of first half of event. Surprisingly, Priyanka Dey – our blogging star, completed more than 120 pages of the book in just sixty minutes. And, that was really astonishing. She called the book a chill-reading experience without expecting anything post reading. Priyanka Dey writes for and many other blogs.


Later on, we went for the lunch, provided from Harpercollins Team. As I earlier said, it was a creative event so the setting of the lunch was also creative. It was in the cozy sunlight and with delicious food. The conversation during lunch was full of life, where all the bloggers shared their individual thoughts about the book. Every attendee of the event also shared individualistic story of evolution as the most favorable book blogger in Delhi. While reading the book, we came to know that the protagonist Siddhartha aka Sid was full of life. He wanted to score more in office, in social circles, and in personal affairs and he did. But, he found it difficult to keep calm with his wife and tried to make himself believe that he is in a relationship with a woman, worth caring. Therefore, he never crossed the lines but never expected to react in a case when the other one crosses the lines. On seeing her wife, meeting with his close friend in a suspicious situation, Sid decides to reveal the truth behind such suspicious setting.

Sorting Out Sid book

In all senses, the reading experience of “Sorting out Sid’ was full of life, everybody was reading, smiling, laughing, and promising to be part in such events in future because these events give the bloggers a chance to share their natural thoughts about a book and their experience with that certain book. So, when all the bloggers shared their experiences with Sid’s journey as the protagonist of the novel, everyone was assured with their freedom of putting their natural experience on paper as principal bloggers of the event.

Sorting Out Sid BookAt the end, I would like thank Creativa India for organizing such an interesting event and inviting me to be part of such an interesting event.


4 thoughts on “Book Preview Event : Sorting Out Sid

  1. Yashodhara Lal looks at life through her own, unique lens, which makes her writing irresistible. She is authentic, funny, poignant, profound, all at the same time. Her protagonist, Sid, seems to have it all, but his life suffers from a very common malady in today’s times- since he slots himself into Sid-in-a-particular role much of the time, he feels inauthentic and frustrated. His most authentic conversations are with his beloved beer bottles and his beanbag, Brownie. His relationships with his friends, wife, parents and colleagues are well detailed, and so much of his angst seems familiar…….
    An authentic Sid finally emerges from much emotional upheaval, acknowledging that it is still a work in progress. Sorting Out Sid is hard to put down: an easy read, with a lot more than meets the eye!

    1. Hi Neha, Thanks for coming here and share your views about book. I would prefer to add my experience and lovely journey while reading Sorting Out Sid…

      On the very day, when I was attending this book preview event, I missed my train and then caught another one after paying a hefty amount of cash and energy in search for a comfortable ride to Kanpur. It literally exhausted me but as I started reading more about Sid and his love for living an informed life, I felt some sort of joy and adventure in knowing the character more and more. It was truly interesting to read about a person, who is more like you and the other guys of your time.

      In short, I found a connect in the story. Salute to Yashodhara…

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