Book Review : Sorting Out Sid by Yashodhara Lal

Yashodhara Lal BooksSorting Out Sid is an interesting tale of our metropolitan lives with real situations and challenges. You can easily relate yourself with the lead characters of the story. It perfectly deals with issues of gloomy metropolitan lives and portrays the solitary lifestyle young professionals, who dislike their lifestyles but feel unable to do what they love to do. It gives you the chance to look inside you and helps you in sorting out the common problems of your life. In some ways, it reflects the best-selling novel of Chuck Palahniuk called Fight Club, where the lead character finds him struck in his gloomy lifestyle with insomnia. However, this book is not that serious. It’s a fun book that makes you laugh, smile, and keep reading till the last page of the book. I found this out in the bloggers meet held at Harper Collins event for the preview of this book.

The story revolves around four main characters called Sid, Mandira, Aditi, Neha, and little Kippy. The protagonist Sid is a young professional, who works in a toilet cleaning company and struggles to have a peaceful loving life with his wife Mandira. Apart from these two characters, there is Aditi, who is a close friend of Sid and Neha, who is a proud single mother and works in advertising industry. These characters are really interesting as they look real. You can pick anyone from your office colleagues as Sid, Neha, Aditi, and Mandira. So, it’s all like listening to a close office friend about the troubled life of one of your colleague. After all, there is little Kippy, who is the most beautiful part of the book. She is a three year old girl child of Neha.

When it comes to the language of Sorting out Sid, you will be amazed with the wit of dialogues and their timing. There are some dialogues that make you laugh uncontrollably and some idiotic yet natural activities of Sid, which makes you smile. Yet, the lead character is an original creation of the author called Yashodhara Lal, who has previously written Just Married Please Excuse.

My Experience as an Avid Reader: Well, I like the book as it does not try to portray any larger than life characters and keep the storyline original with the real lives of our generation, which lives in metropolitan cities. Yes, we all feel same when a less deserving guy gets out of the turn promotion and when we work all night for a morning presentation as Sid did. So, it’s all real.

50 Words Verdict: Sorting out Sid is a onetime read book for people, who live in metropolitan cities because they can relate to the storyline. It is a good book for college going students and far better than college romance stories. So, here you go if you fall in these categories of readers.


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