Book Review: Maya’s Revenge by Deepika Ahlawat

Mayas Revenge book

Maya’s Revenge is a bag full of mystery, thrill, and exciting stories of Indian princely states. This tale of revenge becomes interesting with a touch of globalization.

With her debut book, the author Deepika Ahlawat stands in the league of young Indian English authors like Ashwin Sanghi, Amish Tripathi, and Anuja Chandramouli, who write on ancient Indian history & mythology with a touch of our real world. The books credited with the names of such writers break the sales records and go for movie adaptations because they reincarnate ancient Indian heroes and their heroic tales. Young parents told these new stories to their three-year old kids, especially in English so that their kids can adopt English as a mother language. In this way, Maya’s Revenge does get a targeted audience.

Welcome to The United States of India
The story of the book is quite exciting and fills the reader with immense thrill and joy of reading. In one line, there is one developed Indian princely state, which has an adversary for its prince. On opening the book, you enter in a new Indian, which you have never thought and even dreamt of because you enter in The United States of India. While reading the mysterious story of Maya’s Revenge, the readers looks at this different India with a touch of fascination and admire. Like all old Indian tales, there is a white clan, which is ruling Shreepur state for over 700 years and develops an adversary. This adversary stands up to destroy the ages old white clan and claim her name in the history of India.

My Experience as an Avid Reader: As far as my personal experience is concerned, I found this book little difficult to finish as the book seemed slow to me. The story takes the pace after some about 60 pages. Moreover, one need to use Google to make the most of the book as the author have used terms like Machiavellian scheming, which makes one to Google the term. At least, it did to me. So, the book enhances your vocabulary, which is good.

50 Words Verdict: It’s a good book for the people, who love to read about ancient Indian stories, written in plain English and connected with our contemporary world. In this book, there are threats from Pakistan’s secret agency ISI, Afghanistan, and friendly relations with the USA but with a new and different India.


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