Book Review: Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister by Tabrik C.


October 31st 1984 was the date when India lost its charismatic leader Indira Gandhi. She gained recognition for her decisiveness and accountability in state matters. It has been thirty years since she left the nation with her strong leadership. These thirty years has been the most troubling period for Indian democracy. There has been eight general elections in India but the nation still looks for a decisive leadership. Now In 2013, Nation is again going for polls. The impact of such unique political situation of India is great. It has developed scope for political thrillers like Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister, The PM’s wishlist, and The Redeemers. All these are works of fiction but talks about a greater, more powerful India with a decisive secular leader. However, this book distinguishes itself from its peers in style, storytelling, and approach.

The story is remotely based on the concurrent situation of India. There are saffron forces, secular forces, and there is one Harvard return musician, who is handling the legacy of his politician father. He becomes the prime minister of India and deals with the problems of Nation. This character resembles a mix of leading political figures Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, and Narendra Modi. The lead character Siddhartha Tagore sometimes looks like man of people Arvind Kejriwal and youngster Rahul Gandhi. And, he belongs to no traditional party like BJP and Congress. So, he seems to lead the third front of India but that is a part of fiction.

The language of the book is quite interesting. The author has used simple words and phrases to demonstrate the different modes of the characters. The readers are not required to use the dictionary or their smartphones to understand the dialogues of the book.

My Experience as an Avid Reader: The thing I liked in this book is the use of real names like Narendra Modi. The trouble of writing such political thrillers is the constantly evolving political scenario of the demographics to which the work of fiction is inspired. However, the author has beautifully maintained the pace and portrayed the character of Siddhartha Tagore. Moreover, the rapidly evolving storyline helps you in keep reading the book, which you will not find in other stories of same plot.

50 Words Verdict: You must read the book if you like reading light fiction on Indian politics and love to read about a political leader, who will set the nation free from all sorts of problem. It is undoubtedly a good book to read but the timing seems little unsuitable for the youngsters.

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One thought on “Book Review: Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister by Tabrik C.

  1. Siddharth Tagore, A Harvard student who carries out the legacy of his father and becomes a Prime-minister of India. What takes your breathe away is his enthralling journey to reach to that position and even more he has much more things to deal with such as nation’s political issues and problems. Tabrik C has done a remarkable work by presenting the story in a very simple yet captivating form. Do pick the pick if you want to have an insight of the political situation in India and what makes you as a Prime minister to take a certain decision. A must-read for a political enthusiast.

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