Book Review: The PM’s Wishlist by JK Sachin

PM Wishlist book author JK SachinWill you dispose your faith in your nation’s ability to become a superpower after reading any political thriller? I suppose the majority of my blog readers will say no to this question. And, I found it justifiable because faith is an element of factual assessment of things and situations. People believe on the things that they can feel and touch. However, people also believe on supernatural things. So, I said no to give my assertion on any quotation given on the back cover of the book. I also missed the names of the people, whose experiences are mentioned. So, I read the book.

The story of the book is set in concurrent political scenario of India. Now, the nation is going to face polls for the new prime minister of India. And, here is a fictional prime minister, who has all the character traits of a strong and commonly dreamt of prime minister of India. The dialogues are in Hindi, which makes them relatable for the north Indian readers. Well, there is a good use of facts and real details to sound real. For example, there is a dialogue between a political savior called Pitamahji and a retired bureaucrat called Maitreya. “Pitamahji aap k Sharan Babu ne naak me dam kar rakha hai”, it sound really real and familiar.

The language is so simple and interesting. It sounds good. I actually loved the narration style of the story.

Experience as An Avid Reader: My experience of reading this book has so far been good and entertaining. I doubt disliking the book in case of English dialogues. It helps the readers to relate the story with Hindi speaking leaders of this nation. However, I disliked the cover design and pages of the book. This work of fiction could have done better with a good bind and cover design.

50 Words Verdict: You must read this book; if you like reading newspapers filled with political news stories. It’s a book that lets you meet with your ideal prime minister. Here is a Prime Minister, who is decisive, determined, and strong enough to handle the troubles of the supreme job of the nation


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