Book Review: Forged in Crisis By Rudra Chaudhuri

Forged in Crisis

The book Forged in Crisis talks about the carefully woven relation of India and America during the era of crisis of these two nations. It focuses on key turning points of Indian diplomacy, when both countries came close to have lasting ties but eventually distanced themselves for saving national interests. It studies India’s material interests with the USA and its will of emerging as a nation worth respect and attention in international community. The book covers the areas and moments of history, which have received less coverage from Indian and International press but influenced the national interests of both countries. It focuses on complex and calculative efforts of Indian leaders in maintaining the largely healthy relations. The author Rudra Chaudhuri is a lecturer in King’s College London and researching on strategic studies and south Asian security.

This book is segregated into three distinct parts. The first part elaborates the relations during 1947 to 1953. In this era, India was emerging as a nation with fewer resources to sustain itself as an independent nation. This duration also marks the early years of cold war between America and USSR. Hence, the world was largely polarized between two ideologies and power groups. But, India took the way of non-alignment, which was less influenced with humanitarian grounds but largely based on material interests of both nations. The second part talks about the era of Indira Gandhi. The third part talks about Atal Bihari Bajpai and his team’s real efforts to build a rapport with their American counterparts. The language of the book is quite simple but it covers complex issues so it may seem difficult.

My Experience as an Avid Reader: I was always interested in reading about Indo-American relations. But, I was looking for a book, which scholarly studies the subject in a detailed manner. So, when I started reading the book, it was like entering into a new world.

50 Words Verdict: America is a dream of a utopian society for Indians. This book tells you about the relation between realities and dreams. It focuses on cautious efforts of Indian diplomacy in maintaining fruitful relations with America while staying away from disillusions. It’s a story of two estranged democracies.



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