My Hogwarts Role Models

I am an avid reader and see famous fictional characters in real people. Today, I am gonna talking about my role models, who also relate with famous harry potter characters like Professor Dumbledore, Hermione Granger and Professor Snape. You can easily relate these people with book’s characters. It is my sheer luck that I got to work such nice people in my life. They have awarded rare opportunities to prove my skills. So, without wasting our precious time, I would begin with Professor Dumbledore.

Mayank Sir – My Professor Dumbledore: My Professor Dumbledore is Mayank Sir, who talks less but gives real insights on any sort of topic in a mystical manner. He is an ocean of knowledge like the real character. In all my enthusiasm, I have got the habit of entering in his cabin to share whatever curiosity hits me.  Though, I should be little professional and think twice before sharing anything with him. For me, his sermons are like Professor Dumbledore one liners, which calm down my curiosities and shows me the way ahead. In all my experiences with Mayank Sir, I have learned the art of being an attentive listener because he talks less and gives us the clues to go further. Here is an excellent experience of mine which I can share. Once, we were talking about the conflict journalism and renowned journalists, who have covered Middle East in last thirty years or so. We young journalists were inspired with American journalists like Steve Coll, Robert Fisk, Richard Falk and many more. Considerably, I have read Steve’s Pulitzer Prize winner Ghost Wars, which is an analysis on cold war days. So, I was mesmerized with the access and balanced reporting of English journalists and just said that I don’t see any Indian journalist, who have gone this far. As I say this, Mayank Sir corrected me instantly by saying that if you can’t see something then it doesn’t mean that that thing doesn’t exist. Sometimes valuable people, moments and opportunities just wander around us and we could not measure them up. There is an Indian journalist called Deepak Ji, who is amongst the top Middle East covering journalists. And, this was in pure Professor Dumbledore style. This conversation ended with the Indian journalist’s name. But, he gave me a clue to know about the eminent Indian journalist called Deepak Tripathi, who has worked for BBC, Al-Jajeera and written the book Breeding Ground on the origin of Afghanistan and Islamic terrorism. And, so Mayank Sir is my role model and my Professor Dumbledore.

Satyendra Sir – My Professor Severus Snape: You may call me a Harry Potter fan but this book has real like characters. And Satyendra Sir is my Professor Snape.  I have learned the art of storytelling from him. There is no person, who can tell about an incident in as vivid & amusing manner as Satyendra Sir can. But, in the mean time, he is as strict as professor snape or Guru Sifu (A character from Kungfu Panda movie).

Khyati Sehgal – My Hermione:
Yes, when I am talking about the writing inspirations then how can I forget my most helpful ally Khyati Sehgal. She is the brightest girl, a true friend and a passionate writer. I have learned lot of things from her in my initial days, when I was working for her. Initially, it took me a while to understand her but she with all her knowledge helped me in knowing different styles of writing.

Thank You Mayank Sir – My Professor Dumbledore and Khyati Sehgal – My Hermione Granger for helping me in realizing my dreams. And, Thank you Satyendra Sir for making me learn the art of storytelling though, I am still learning.

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9 thoughts on “My Hogwarts Role Models

      1. There is a chance of interaction and winning some prizes if you will do it in a day or tomorrow? in btw, do you belong to India? And, I share similar dreams of making films someday. Want to interact…

      2. Lemme share you the denotation of your reply.

        Ah I see denotes to that you see there is a chance of interaction.

        Nope, denotes to No I dont belong to India…

        And Haha denotes to that Anant is interested in interaction.

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