Roommates: friends or foes

Sometimes it becomes too difficult to understand the difference between your friends and foes.  It becomes tough when you live in a metropolitan like Delhi with unknown faces.  These unknown faces includes our colleagues,  roommates, long lost relatives,  who now least relate to us and acquaintances turned friends. With the these people,  we share the day today life,  our little successes and great sorrows.  With the these people,  we share minute by minute moments of your first date,  first trophy for your hard work and the vent out anger with a mug of beer.  So these people mean a lot for us.  But the sky falls when these lifelines deceive us.  In such moments,  we think of never trusting these people but you trust me we again fall in these traps because these issues don’t matter us any more.  Does they?  I shared my experience you share yours in comments section.  It will be great to see what you guys are experiencing…. Cheers



2 thoughts on “Roommates: friends or foes

  1. u r right dear friend…a peculiarity also lies in d fact dat…dey forced us to learn d art of adjustment.

    1. Yes we just get used to get cheated by people again and again. The thing is this that in these cities we don’t get home after sun sets in the sky. On the contrary, we just get into hiding to wait for another sunrise

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