My English Teacher

At first, the title ‘The English Teacher’ seemed little simple and less impressive but then I chose to go with this title because this post is about a simple person, who was my English teacher.  When I was just 15 years old, I got to join a coaching, which used to offer classes in Maths, Science and English as these were the most game changing subjects in our part of world. We used to get coaching for these subjects. So, I also went in such coaching and I think this was the only thing that I did right in my whole life. In this coaching, I didn’t get enough in Maths and Science but I made the most from the English classes. And, this was because of my english teacher. I can honestly say that he changed my life with his early morning English classes. Though, he gave similar classes to everyone and can’t say about others but he really changed my life like madiba did and coach Thomas Carter did of his students.  I always feel like crying whenever I see movies with such life changing characters.

I feel like crying not because the portrayed pain and sufferings, shown in the movie but that makes me see my past life when I was a young boy with unsure goals and motives. In those days, I wasn’t aware of my likes and dislikes and had no vision for my life and career.  But then one day he came and just changed my life with his little 30 minutes long classes. The best thing about his classes was his funny jokes and interesting portrayal of fictional characters. He used to crack jokes after finishing each chapter like I still remember that coward man story and beautiful representation of Lucy gray.  I still remember that his initial lines before starting any new chapter, “chalo jane ek darpok aadmi k bare jo bibi se nai darta tha” and we all giggled on such remarks. These remarks develop a connect with the story and makes us know the characterization. His teachings developed the habit of reading english stories in me. I cant pay thanks to him but I will always try to change the lives of others with honest efforts as he did.

Saying him role model may not be justified but he has surely changed my life and induced the seeds of paying utmost dedication in whatever job I take.

I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with


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