Book Review of Shoes Of the Dead

Farmers are the back bone of our sophisticated urbanized society. They work hard from dawn to mid night to let us live with Comfort, have clean cloths, and proud us on our earnings. And, in return urban India looks at rural India with much of irritation and hatred feelings. In between, the policy stands for earning maximum votes for the policy makers and while leaving many stones unturned.

This is what “Shoes of the Dead’ tells us in a simple, relatable, and fluid style of fiction. The composition of the facts with excellent storyline makes it an interesting fiction based on Indian politics. There is media, especially the brighter side of, an agile politician, his plans of bequeathing his political stature to his own son and so to his grandsons. Further, there is a party called Democratic Party, which makes no controversies at all. So, the book gets an easy way to reach in the hands of potential readers. It throws light on social development schemes of our governments, no matter who head them. It also provides a short preview of rural banking system and operation of credit schemes.

Kayur, the young politician is gearing up for a long battle to regain the faith of his constituents. Vaibhah Kashinath is trying his wisdom to create a political pitch for his own son. Then, there is an established businessman, his beautiful scholar wife, and a rebellious yet ethical journalist. The story swiftly moves from one point to other by keeping the reader enlightened with the facts and real like accounts. Each passing page fills more the reader with more excitement and curiosity to know the end of socio-political war.

Senior Journalist Neelima Kota has brilliantly portrayed the mental & psychological differences between rural & urban India. It took time, hard work, and creativity to convert a scholar’s research into a fictional story but the author has done it sensibly.

Experience as an Avid Reader: It was a gift for me to read such an eye opening fictional account, which was purely based on research and analysis. One can easily get to know the real assessment report of universally touted government schemes. Some facts are really attention seeking. For example, Sixty three percent of our farmers own less one hectare of land. Another statement, the rural government medical schemes go defunct so that private medical units can earn money and support the leading political figures. There is one other statement, which caught my attention. It was about rural bank branches, which face tough competition from local moneylenders. In short, I loved the book for its manner of putting hard core facts and research in form of a novel.

50 Word Verdict: “Shoes of the Dead” is one among the rare stories that reveal the real pictures of our rural backyard. It gives you the data and understanding of how policies came in existence and why they fail to work”.

Book Name: Shoes of the Dead

Author: Neelima Kota

Page: 288                      

Publisher: Rupa Publication

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6 thoughts on “Book Review: Shoes of the Dead by Neelima Kota

    1. Thanks! for stopping by my blog. Spreading a word about distressed farmers in virtual world is easy but a tough choice… Me and my writer fellow chose this. Possibly you will too like to know what happened with Gangiri Bhadra, the barefooted Robin Hood of Gopur

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