Book Review: The Zahir By Paulo Coelho

The Zahir paulo coelho bookReading Paulo Coelho has always fascinated me as it includes the references of old forgotten traditions, spiritual love stories and a certain mention of authors pilgrimage road to Santiago. This book is a tale of love and obsession that leads the protagonist in redeeming the meaning of love, life and conversation. At one fine morning, the author discovers the fact that his wife Esther – a war correspondent has gone disappeared without any visible massage. Though, the author learns rapidly that her wife has left the home with her passport.

Esther – the journalist provokes his wanna be author husband to write the book that he always wanted to write. On such provocation, the protagonist reluctantly sits on the typewriter but somehow begins to form one sentence then one paragraph and finally a book. And, at one day, Esther sends the 10th draft of Author’s first book to her publisher friend, which eventually turned out to be a bestseller. It brought the festivity and celebrity status in the life of the author. Soon, the author become a slave of his celebrity status and developed the left no room for conversation with Esther. It eventually made Esther to leave her desperate marital life. On her journey to find the true love that spreads across the human race, she met with a Mongolian guy named Mikhail. Mikhail – follower of Tengri tradition and native of Kazakhstan helped Esther in crossing the borders in central Asia for journalistic project. However, the bond between Mikhail and Esther grows, which helped her finding the true free flowing love.The Zahir Quote

On being left by his wife, the protagonist feels obsession of searching his wife in every lady he comes across. And, it made him to meet the Mongolian guy Mikhail. This guy takes the author onto a special journey of forgetting his personal history for redeeming the power of love.

Including multiple themes of spirituality, the famous Brazilian author Paulo Coelho has mainly talked about the mental slavery in following the worldly rules. The author has asked the readers to give importance to the conversation. For example, when we get friend with someone, we share our thoughts, crack jokes, tease each other and conversation goes on even in marooned streets. But in our cyber age, the human touch has lost. We can’t even list out our Facebook friends. Moreover, if asked we might not be able to come up with the second names of people we interact most. So, the author Paulo Coelho has asked people to make time for conversation.

My Experience as a Reader Paulo Coelho: I see older people talking about the influential writers Firaq, Faiz, Galib and Sahir Ludhiyanvi(Indian poets and revolutionary writers), who changed their lives. At such moments, I used to think of one writer, who belongs to our generation. Now, there is one, who questions the ultra-digital lifestyles of his reader with much of reason. When I will grow old, I will say that I have grown up reading Paulo Coelho. So, as the author says that when one human changes, it changes the whole human race. Still, I found an odd mention of the ancient silk route. The author has  mentioned that Buddhism has travelled from China to India through silk route. But, I found it odd because Buddhism’s origination is in India and it travelled to China when India was taken over muslim invader Bakhtiyaar Khilzi. Though, Rahul Sankrityayan brings the Buddhist literature to India in early age.

50 Words Verdict: If you are losing relationships, going away from your dreams and manipulating your own dreams then it is better for you that you read The Zahir. It is a tale of freeing from celebrity obsession, exploring newer horizons and redeeming the love that is flowing freeing around all of us.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: The Zahir By Paulo Coelho

  1. I love your 50 words verdict! Can i quote it? 😉

    The Zahir is my most favorite Coelho’s novel and the second is The Alchemist. Have you read The Little Prince written by Antoine Saint de Exupery? I found similarity between the three books. It’s about the search and how after separation, the man finally realized the one he’s searching for and treasure most is the one who has always been there besides him.

    1. Hey Laila, I really learned a lot about love and life after reading this book and many thanks to you for recommending three more books on same line. I was wondering if I could ask you books like eleven minutes. This is my favorite book from PC and yes you can quote the 50 words verdict. thanks for coming and talking to me about books. They are life.

      1. Hey Anant, actually i mentioned 2 books besides The Zahir, not three on same line 🙂

        I highly recommend The Little Prince, original title is Le Petite Prince. It’s full of metaphorical sentences (which most Intuitive Thinkers and Feelers will love, if you know personality types) yet it’s very simple in words. I call this novel as simply beautiful 😀

        I wish i could discuss with you about Eleven Minutes but i couldn’t for i haven’t finished it yet. I only read three Coelho’s books: The Zahir, The Alchemist and Brida. However, i wonder why Eleven Minutes is very favorable, i think i’ll finish it once i have leisure time.

        Why do you like Eleven Minutes among all of his works?

        Btw, do you have Goodreads account? I’m always happy finding friends to discuss similar interest, especially about love and relationships which have been my long time research (i wrote several blog posts in Bahasa Indonesia and got many attentions there).

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