Book Review: What Young India Wants By Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat BooksWhile reading Chetan Bhagat’s first non-fiction book What Young India Wants, I came across the positive and constructive thoughts of the author to resolving ever troubling problems of India as a nation. This nicely packaged book carries CBs articles, published in news papers on multiple issues ranging from education, poverty, corruption, politics and student suicide. But, this book as a whole, gives a whole new perspective to the readers for all these problems. On completing the book, I could figure out the reason why CB took first ten pages of the book to share his journey with readers. Chetan must have done this to say his reader, “Chill my friends I am like you. So it’s all okay if you have not scored three more marks to get the admission in a prestigious college. There are more other things to do than following ‘Me Too’ attitude when it comes to education and career.” And, his sincere appeal resonates well from his articles.

The book is divided in three sections: our society, politics and youth. In the end, there are two short stories and author’s note on the great Indian dream. So, if you can read all the articles one by one then two short stories at will feel like a dessert after a great meal. And the book ends with a personal note of author to his readers. It has articles over education, women-empowerment, political accountability, Indian – American comparison, FDI in retail and Anna Hazare. Chetan has managed to keep his point pragmatic and approachable in all these articles. The good thing is this that all the articles are in conversational tone and stands far away from intellectual cries. They end up asking questions from the readers. In my opinion, it will be good if one write ones opinion after reading each article.

The language of the book is ultra simple. I wonder if Chetan can write sincere and thought provoking articles in such a simple English then why regular newspapers carry those not easily understandable opinions. But that is another case. The language of all the articles is simple and the readers with basic knowledge of English language can comprehend them. Including this, the author has asked its readers to read and share their opinions.

Why I love the book: I add this paragraph in my reviews when I sincerely like any book. And, I truly loved the way author has talked about all the difficult issues of India. The first thing I found that author didn’t make his argument on popular cliches like Netas are culprits – hang them all. On the contrary, he has asked all his readers to make their little bits to change the nation. His approach is quite pragmatic. And, there is a Chetan Bhagat’s speech titled as Sparks…this is one plus of this book. I mean it is so much good that I would love to share with the readers of my blog. But I think there will be some copyrighting rules that prohibit such sharing. Still, I will try to ask the author for the same.

50 Words Verdict: What Young India Wants is a must read for young readers. It talks about all the major issues of India – as a nation. It asks question and make you figure out the solutions of all the major problems on your own instead of using the favorite punching bags – our politicians.


4 thoughts on “Book Review: What Young India Wants By Chetan Bhagat

  1. Ha ha… so finally Chetan Bhagat Era ends… Downfall is evident with the numbers of ‘I’s and ‘Me’s used in the book. I never like his writing, but always enjoyed the stories… He is a story teller! Not a society changer! Just keep telling stories Chetan. Being told how to be a better country would be more acceptable from someone who did not leave the country for more money!

  2. Thank you very much for this review.This review was simply amazing and made me to buy this wonderful book.Once again I Thank you for this review☺

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