Let Haider remain a movie…

haider_There’s always been two visibly contradictory ideologies among Indians living here or anywhere in the world. One ideology belongs to the rich, powerful and elite class people. This group talks about the overall good of the mankind, shows hatred for crony capitalism, enjoys beer in the posh bars of Delhi and flies to London and New York on every alternate weekends. To this group, there should be no boundaries between nations and human rights should be valued before everything else. But when you look deeper in the lives of this group then it is easy to notice that this group doesn’t mind hiring a full time house maiden and even try to use its power and status to get things done. Now there is another group of people, who are taught to do good things because their almighty god has put up an example of righteousness and parents bequeath a set of values to their kids right from chhathi pujan so that they can carry them forward. This group of people works day and night to earn enough money to let the coming generation thrive. This group always remains on the sufferers side be it a stampede, a natural calamity, extremism of any sort  or religious pogroms. This set of individuals suffers the most of all the tyrannies no matter which religion they belong. Due to their vulnerability, this set of people is bound to unwelcome any thought that doesn’t comply with its way of seeing the world. The reason is simple because this group has learned it from its past experiences as everything from different schools of thought have disrupted their lives. I believe Haider is one such product from a different school of thought. And, the reasons of such outrage are clear. But I would like to request people from all schools of thoughts to go and watch the movie. And, we must ask everyone in the community to go and watch the movie to boycott the movie in real. Though such efforts of asking people to watch the movie can help the makers. Through this way a large audience can also become aware of the people with hidden agenda by seeing their bipartisan works. On the other hand, boycotting the movie will lack the conviction in them while confronting people with hidden agendas.  So I believe that everyone must watch the movie to know the real Haider.

The other thought…
While consuming all sorts of reactions from #BoycottHaider to #HaiderTrueCinema about this movie, the technical aspects of this film were asking for little space in this post. So let us forget about the contents of the film and see it as a canvas where a painter can paint what he or she sees through the white board and use colors to make that sight visible for others. So Vishal Bhardwaj see this in his canvas, set in Kashmir and used powerful actors to make his sight visible l. Hence, why don’t we let it be a film. Being a film it will make people ask questions. It will remind people that good people still inhabits in the godforsaken land of Kashmir. After all, the decisions should be left to the audience…Hope it won’t offend any of my dear reader.


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