I have a problem with Chutzpah

Haider_Shahid_KapoorYes! I have a problem with the usage of the word ‘Chutzpah’ in this film, especially in the context of Indian army. It is appreciable to spread the word about the intense pain of residents of Kashmir valley. And why just Kashmir Valley, I would say the films should be made on the issue of farmers’ suicide. With power packed performances of Shahid Kapoor, Shradhha Kapoor, Tabu and many other supporting actors, the film turns out to be a reality. You seriously can’t sleep after watching the movie. The dialogs, command of actors in local lingua and different shades of acting of Haider is impeccable. So this is a must watch movie. For a student of cinema, it’s an important book that I will keep on reading. But let me tell you why I disliked the use of word Chutzpah.

What’s chutzpah – Why I hated It
Chutzpah is a word of Hebrew language, which means to do something audaciously and insolently. It is like being an aasteen ka saanp. But when it is being used in context of Indian establishment then I would like to ask from Vishal Sir that if AFPSA forces are doing Chutzpah then what happened with kashmiri pandits was not an act of chutzpah. When Kashmiri Muslims cheer and support Pakistani team during cricket matches with India isn’t an act of Chutzpah. When Kashmiri Muslims hoist Pakistani flag in lal Chauk isn’t an act of Chutzpah. Fair enough. All these things can be the means of keeping your morals high in a war torn state like Kashmir. I am also agree with what you show about Indian army. Kashmir is not New Delhi where everything will go in compliance with human rights. It’s a conflict zone. Things will certainly go wrong here or there. At times, the Jawans will get killed mercilessly and at times innocent lives will go in vain. The most important thing about Kashmir of Vishal Bharadwaj is the characters of Kashmir. There’s neither a villain nor a hero.  Everybody was playing one’s game to sustain and live in Kashmir. In Kashmir, the lifeline is treachery and shrewdness. So Chacha is right, Ghazala is right, Arshia is right, Doctor Sahib was right, Indian army is right and even militants are right.

Hidden Messages- I Thought They Are
In the scene of press conference, Ashish Vidhyarthi asks “jo Kashmiri refugee camps main rah rahe hain kya vo disappear kashmiri nahi hain.” For me, yes they also fall in the same line of 8000 disappeared residents of Kashmir valley. It stately defines the mindset of army working in adverse conditions. In another scene, the commanding officer says that the life of a Jawan worth more to him than a life of militant. It shows the frustration of army due to sudden departure of their comrades in conflicts. The final thing that I liked was the wise advice from the Old man “Intkaam sirf intkaam paida karta hai bête, jab tak hum apne intkaam se aajad nai hote, hum aajad hokar bhi gulam rahenge (vengeance only produces another vengeance and freeing from vengeance is the real freedom.)

Things I loved – I Surely Does
I loved the flawless acting of Shahid Kapoor in this movie. I admired him in the scene where he tells his mother about the death of Doctor Sahib. The funniest part of the movie was mimicry of Salman Khan. The two Salman Khans were really funny. Apart from this, I got the chance to see kids playing cricket in front of their homes and big houses of Kashmiri’s with heavy woodwork. I have read about this in my Our Moon has Blood Clots by Rahul Pandita. Lot of things were known to me but it was a nice them in the movie.

In the last, I would like to confess that the movie is good and one should watch it for the food to mind.


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