The Demon Called Confusion

Confusion is the most dreadful demon I have ever met in my life. It’s like a black magic that keep on killing your time and trouble your head by forcing to make the best decisions. It makes you think, think and think about the right election of available choices. In contrary to this, there are no right or wrong choices available on the face of the earth. They are simply the roads which let’s mark our presence. But we keep on stressing our mind to make right choices.

I believe some people face the wrath of this demon so badly that they don’t even reach office on time. Ha ha yes it’s true. I would like to share a story with you all about this. Once I was on my way to office and suddenly I noticed an old man, sitting in his car, looking here and there at three different roads with blank eyes for 10 long minutes. I could observe him for this long due to Monday morning jam.  As the jam cleared, I reached to the guy and asked what happened Sir? Have you lost something or a new in this city? The answer was quite surprising. He said, “I have lost a choice, was going to office and all three roads will take me to my office. But I am not able to decide which road I should take. The first road will get me a speedy ride, second one will get me stumbling ride and third one is bit longer but full of fun and interesting people. Now I am not able to decide which one I should choose”. This answers stunned me and made me think that this guy has nothing to do than choosing the right road to reach office. I questioned back,”are you going to your new workplace” No, I am going there for about ten years but today just while being struck in jam, this thought of taking the best way came to me and I am still trying to figure out which one is best.” he replied. I saw his face while saying this and pain of being confused was so visible.
So I said, would you like to get out of this dilemma and reach your workplace?” yes! Yes! He said. Then I said, “Take the first one to reach office because if I am not wrong reaching office is your target not touring the city. “yes”, he said and took the first road. It freed his mind from the trouble of making choices.

I say we all must be very quick in taking the decisions because we can’t get all at once. The old man was right that each road was offering something different to him and it’s quite a treat to get the nice ride to office. But the old man can’t get all at once. So one should always be ready to loose something in place of something as I missed my morning coffee while writing this post.

Happy blogging friends…


13 thoughts on “The Demon Called Confusion

  1. Confusion is indeed a demon, a monster Anant 😦 like the old man of ur story, even im standing on a crossway to decide which way to choose! It was well said that, our main target is to reach the destination! And one has to scarifice something for that! Let’s see, what i ve to scarifice and where this journey will take me or all of us standing on such crossways!

    A very appropriate post! Thank u!

      1. Yupss! I ve seen the movie! Its indeed a good one n what a coincidence, i saw some glimpses of the movie this evening before reading ur response! 🙂

      2. Yups! I do remember! Its amazing! Wud like to try that sm day 😉 actually i loved the complete movie! Its really energetic, my type movie! It shows relationships, their complexities, love, hesitation, pain of losing sm one, joy of getting him/her back, apprehensions n what not! The portrayal is so so good!

      3. I am agree with every word you said about the movie and feeling good that someone else is also as crazy as I am for that movie…you know I even tried looking for the Makemytrip tour after watching the movie. He he I know it’s stupidity but it happened to me

      4. Hahaha! That’s absolutely fine Anant! We shud try insane, Adventurous, illogical things in life! Even im planning for a similar adventurous trip probably trekking, with my frnds! Lets see when its getting executed. What happened to ur trip? Did u go

      5. Unfortunately, it did not happen. My group of friends has always been interested in going down instead of mounting on a icy hill. So, I just didn’t happen. He he…take me with you whenever you are planning to go.

  2. I really appreciate your effort on this post Anant. Meanwhile Just to add, Confusion for me is an illusion. I always know what i want to do, its just the deeper thinking which create a feeling of confusion. As well quoted by Marcus Tullius Cicero, “Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself.” We all have to get out from that illusion cloud in order to make things go smoothly.

    On the other hand, i was not happy to see ads on an astounding blog like this (Facepalm).

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