Why Can’t We Write Our Own Game of Thrones

GAME-OF-THRONESWell Game of Thrones doesn’t require introduction but a large share of Indian Hollywood movie goers haven’t seen this spectacular HBO TV miniseries. It is a beautiful adaptation of the epic fantasy book the song of Ice and fire written by George R R Martin. The Game of Thrones is the name of TV miniseries, which takes you in the world of sword fighting, back stabbing and man to man wars. The funny thing about GoT is that when you reach in the Kingslanding you feel like seeing everything right from eyes. There are seven kingdoms to rule so everyone is fighting each other to win his name over others. But enough has been said about Game of Thrones so I will say why I brought you to here.

It’s an epic. It’s spectacular. It’s great but there’s a question. Why we Indian writers cannot write one such epic? I didn’t bring Ramayana and Mahabharata in this context because they are holy books. But with the great stories of our society why can’t we create something like GoT. I thought a lot and came to a conclusion. Here are they…please share your thoughts in comments section if you have ever thought about such things.

The God Connection
If I try to look back than I found Amish Tripathi with his best selling novel Immortals of Meluha. He has done something in this genre but than he linked it to lord shiva. The moment we link anything to god. The book become sacred and went out of practice. Literally, we have Ramayana, Mahabharat, and many other great books but there wisdom is waste. Because all the great deeds done in such are done by some god or the godly sons. So the perception develops that the capability of using book’s wisdom was only in God. None can practice them or question. So when I come to know that Amish Tripathi’s book is going to be adapted by Karan Johar in the film Shuddi, I was like happy until common movie goers told me about the film as bhagwan Shiv K Upar Ek Novel hai us par film ban rahi hai jisme Ranbeer Singh Kaam kar rha hai. The perception about the film shocked me. It killed the movie before it’s has reached the eyes of its watchers. But I believe film makers will do all to change the perception.

The Market Issue
It’s very important for the authors to sell books. And Indian audience love reading about love and give little thought to genres like thriller and fantasy. If you visit a bookstore the large majority of books will belong to college and office romance. So, it requires a great amount of courage to work on any such project.

Peace of Mind and Patience
Finally, I think the creation of such an epic requires peace of mind and patience. Sadly, our generation lacks both. So, it becomes impossible to do such things. Still I am earnestly looking for the epic fantasy novels written by Indian writers…

Happy blogging friends…


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