I Traveled Kingslanding

game-of-thronesI traveled a land, where young princes are seeing man dying for deserting his ranks,
wolf cubs are being shoved from heights for secret love in kins,
little ladies are wearing Valerian steel blades as fins,
Vile lords are defying their forefathers noble genes,
I traveled kingslanding…

I traveled a land where ancient beasts are taking rebirth for new wars,
armies are marching to the stars,
Old warriors are seeing coming new wars,
Kids fights are leaving lasting scars,
I traveled Kingslanding…

I traveled a land where imps are outwitting old masters,
protector of realm is being beheaded as a traitor,
little ladies are seeing her father falling as feathers,
Ice like edges of valerian steel are setting new wars,
I traveled to kingslanding…

I travelled where a young wolf is sharpening his claws,
halfman is leading armies of great warriors in great wars,
Sisters are sending death to their brothers,
Black powers are assassinating a young ruler,

I traveled a land where kings are dying like flies,
Mother is seeing her son dying like a sheep,
Little ladies are stabbing king Slayers,
Highborn lady’s flower is blossoming,
I traveled Kingslanding…


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