Book Review: Clear. Hold. Build by Sudeep Chakravarti

CHB_Sudeep_ChakravartiFor majority of educated Indians, the Corporate social responsibility stands for organizing activities like blood donation camps, funding local NGOs and organizing marathons for building a rapport with the local communities. For urban locations, such activities are enough but things change when corporate organizations go on working in the Maoist affected areas. In such areas, Corporate Social Responsibility stands for active integration with project affected communities. Such integration requires consistent positive dialog with the project affected communities with intentions of benefiting their lives. But things go completely wrong. The companies directly deals with local governments by signing MoUs. In return, governments acts as the corporate will while distancing themselves from the project affected communities. On the other hand, the project affected communities should be convinced with the unavoidable needs of uprooting them from their needs.

In this book, the author Sudeep Chakravarti has narrated the polices that are growing the discontent of communities. Along with this, he has also highlighted the avoidable conflicts. With the groundbreaking detailed research of the author, this book is capable in guiding a company before kick starting a project in the conflict zones.

The language of the book is quite simple. If you are a reader of Sudeep Chakravarti then this book will be a treat to you. But if not then you must have the guts to digest an ocean of information.

My Experience as an Avid Reader: I liked the book for three reasons: one it pragmatically talks about the most serious internal security risk to the nation, second it makes the reader aware with all aspects of a problem, third it was my fourth book on the same subject but with different perspective.

50 Words Verdict: Clear. Hold. Build. is a perfect narrative of events that are making the matters worse. It highlights the ways of diffusing the rising tension between corporate organizations and tribal groups.


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