The Ride…To Mutual Freedom

On this Diwali evening, I am endlessly chatting with her. My fingers are going numb, smartphone is going out of battery, mom is calling to take part in the Diwali Pooja but I am endlessly chatting with her. Everyone around me is curious to know about this new girlfriend of mine as I’ve just come out of a relationship and such day and night chatting give parents some signals. But she is not a love. Yea…I say this with full of conviction that I don’t love her.

Then…what’s it? She’s my fellow traveler. We work in the same organisation and never ever thought or felt like attachment or something close to love. Yet I talk to her day and night. She is not my friend nor aquitance but I some how like to talk to her though we don’t get anything to talk but we keep on laughing in all of our conversations.

She has named with a common name of girls. But I believe she should be named after a bird because she is like a little sparrow. ‘My little sparrow’, who regularly comes in early morning hours and wakes me up from my fearful dreams. She sits at my window pane and munch on her daily dose of wheat grains or rice grains. I don’t go close to my bird but I know her. She knows to me. We make eachother’s life happy with our little courtesies. But birds don’t get married and they won’t stop coming to my window pane. But my birdy dove will be out of my reach. I may not be able to travel the city with my bird. So here again comes the compulsion of holding my bird which I can’t. I am bound to fulfil some duties and carve my name on the slippery rock of time.

Whatever…I will be by her side whenever she would need me and welcome anything if something comes naturally…Happy Diwali My Readers


2 thoughts on “The Ride…To Mutual Freedom

  1. What a lovely comparison! Lil sparrow! Lovely post Anant! Its so true that – who belongs to u will come back where ever they goes! So let ur bird fly high and meanwhile cherish those memories!

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