The Curse of Indian Ocean

On one fine morning in the small suburb of London, Walder Frey woke up sweating with fear. Walder was breathing heavily as if he just came out of water that the was swallowing him. The dreadful dream of sailing to southern coast of Indian subcontinent. It was 93rd time he was about to die in those waters but Walder woke up as he was having that dream for the first time. 

With increasing number of dreams Walder Fray, he was loosing his touch with reality. He was loosing the tolerance of ignoring those dreams as nightmares. On the other hand, he begin to visit libraries. He was so desperate to know the truth about his dream of potential death that he tried other resources to go back in the history. And one day, he found a link that connected him with the dreaded deaths of south coast of Indian subcontinent. It was his great great grand father, who used to go on British expeditions. And his last tour was of south coast of Indian subcontinent. After that he went disappeared. Given his love for Indian people and especially for girls of coastal villages, British company prefered to come back to home without Mr. Frey.

It was completely shocking for Walder to found one of his grand parent connected with his dreadful dreams. He took these dreadful dreams as an omen instead of warnings of greater loss. Walder draw out all the money he saved over the years to go on his expedition. He tried to convince the cargo manager of a ship, which was going to India. In his tour, he didn’t have that dream of drowning. But a different kind of dream. His dreams were changing. Now, there was a female voice, who was asking for help, which ends with the calm waters of Indian ocean with her body flowing afloat. These were more dreadful dreams that Walder was seeing someone dying but was unable to help.

On reaching southern coast of Indian subcontinent, he immediately left for the village, where his great grand pa had took his last breath. He was masked with the identity of a documentary maker so that he can pursue his goals frequently.

After long sailing hours, his body was aching badly. So he tried to sleep. But as closed his swallowing eyes, the dream of drowning came with the female voice, crying for help. He woke up shivering with fear but the voice was still there. He stormed out of his motel to see if anyone was in need of his help. But the voice was coming from the dreadful waters of Indian ocean. He followed the voice and asked one sailor to rent him the boat. At first the boatman declined but as everything has a price because everything is vulnerable. You just need to know where is heart and where is the pocket. So Walder filled boatman’s pocket with a bundle of Indian currency. Then he keep on sailing by following the voice.

After sailing for a while, he reached in a part of the sea, where he was surrounded by the voices of drowning ladies. The voices were of young girls. He used his torch and infrared cameras to spot someone. But there were only shadows. Shadows and voices of girls trying to save their lives. The voices were growing with every passing second. And then he jumped into the sea. The voices stopped as he touched the sea. Now Walder was asking for help as something was bringing him into the waters. As much he tried to come out the more he was drowning. Now he could see what was in the waters of cursed Indian ocean. He watched the wrack of a British expedition ship dated 1860. There were scalatons and many scalatons of girls, who were tormented and killed by his grand father. Walder saw everything with his eyes while he was submerged into the water. Then something dropped him on his boat and he woke up at first light of day near the coast.


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