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This has been a great month for our blog. We have received more than a thousand hits this month. Our family is growing. People coming from different nations come and share what they think about my writing. Some only likes the post but I know they mean that. So I would like to dedicate one of my post for all of my readers. In this post, I am gonna telling you about top five books of my favourite author Paulo Coelho. I started writing after reading his books. At first, I read The Alchemist then I went on Eleven Minutes then I wen on reading the Zahir and many other books. I like all of them. But for early readers it is needful to read the simple yet the best works of any author. It works like cigarette and tobacco. You read a writer that you love. So here are five top books of Paulo Coelho.

The Alchemist: The book’s back cover says every few decades, a  book gets published to change the lives of people. Madona says “The Alchemist is a beautiful book about magic, dreams and the treasures we seek elsewhere and then end on our doorstep.” I say it’s a book that gives you the extraordinary power of being hopeful to do amazing things. It makes you to take a leap of faith when things don’t look good at all. In the shoes of a shepherd boy, every reader lives up the journey of the shepherd boy. You gradually begin believing in omens. It’s a perfect book to gift your loved ones. Though, one should travel with the shepherd boy. With each page, the journey goes more and more enriching and memorable.

Eleven Minutes: Once upon a time, there’s a prostitute called Maria that’s how the novel starts. It has been the most strong tale of a women believing information the dreams of achieving a great fortune in her life. She followed the life as it came to her. But then she made decisions; decisions of finding her inner light. She goes on to discover the utter most confusing path of sex with sacredness. On her voyage to be the one she wanted to be, she discovers her own uninitiated mind and concepts of sex in context of love. I believe you won’t have read any of the more strong tale of self-discovery with a women protagonist. And, if you please write about them in the comments section of this blog post. I will love to read more such stories.

The Winner Stands Alone: Don’t you go on the title of the book. If you think this is the story of some warrior then you are taking it all wrong. This book is about the aloneness at the accomplishment of missions. After wars, soldiers go home with less comrades; super models dies due to drug overdose, rockstars end up surrounded by rocks when the show goes over. So this book is about a mysterious Russian businessman, who goes on to glamorous Cannes international film festival to get her love back. He vowed to destroy whole worlds to get to his wife and he does many worlds indeed. This book opens many secrats of human psychology. If I were to make a movie on this novel I will surely cast Tomme Lee Jones as Jevits Wild.

The Zahir: Zahir….The Zahir is a quest of a man to find the whereabouts of her wife to get her back. In his quest, he meets mysterious people from every walk of life. He discovers new religions and give himself to understand mystical things of this world. I am sure you guys are gonna liking this one. Though the contents of this book want stay in your mind as those of the first book in the list.

Brida: Brida is the story of finding one’s soulmate. Being the protagonist Brida, the young of goes on searching her soulmate. But later she finds it difficult to give value to relationship over her desire to transform herself or vice versa. This book is a moving tale of love, passion, mystery and spirituality. So you must read it…

Apart from these books, Paulo Coelho has written dozen other books that includes The Fifth Mountain, the pilgrimage, the valkyries,  the devil and miss prym and many others. The ranking of books doesn’t mean that ones good is good over others instead it’s the path to reach on the mountain where Paulo has received so much learnings. So easy steps come first then the tough ones and following by tougher steps.


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