The Bouncy Kids

Child is son for mother’s eyes, Child is proud for father’s eyes,
Sometime back it was hard for families to get their kids diagnosed. They all used to trust on some god of this color or that colour. Yet whenever their kids go ill the people all over the world line up before the temples of some god or other. And their kids cry so high while parents sell their lands to temple’s priest so that he can make god happy. It was a common yet miserable moment of everyday life. The farmers seldom go to farms fearing that they won’t see their kids again. Once in such village, an orphan boy lived who saw his comrades dying with unknown illnesses. And he saw his comrades’ families dying following the sudden demise of their kids. Seeing the departures of his close friends, the boy always felt an urge to offer his life to save the lives of his friends and friends’ families. Yet he could not do anything to save the lives of his friends. He was growing up as a cursed child because everyone of his age had either left the world or bed ridden due to some illness or other. This made the guy with no friends at all. He used to begin walking early morning covering the huts of his friends to see if they are alright. If he sees someone in need then he tries to offer his selfless services. Yet people never accepted him due to multiple reasons. Some used to say that the boy is a ghost as he has never fallen ill while dozens of kids of boy’s age were dead then. It made the boy very sad and tend to figure out the reasons of these illnesses.

In his quest, he traveled hundreds of villages to see the pattern of illnesses. In his study, he found that the families with less hygienic and unhealthy lifestyles have lost their sons and daughters in majority. After this, the families came who do not make necessary changes in  the eating habits with change in weather. In his journey, the boy met with many kinds of Alchemists. The one who used to make gold by alloying led with silver and the one who used to spend days and nights to find the cure of illnesses. The later sort of alchemists shown the grown up boy to save the life of his village. But the old alchemists told him to set up an example for villagers because people don’t believe you until you show them your caliber.

So he adopted an ill kid and brought him to his own village. The situation of the kid was already deteriorating yet the boy was treating his adopted kid so carefully. Seeing this, the villagers begin to realize that the boy was no ghost and hold no godly powers and felt bad for boy for the deteriorating health of boy’s kid.
When the boy saw people accepting him, he begin telling people about his treatments. Over a period of time, the kid’s health begin improving and he begin to bounce with joy across the village. It made everyone ask the boy to treat their kids as well. And he did with pleasure. Soon, the boy earned the reputation of a medic in that village and dozens of other villages around him. He turned old but the kids of boy’s village stopped dying like flies. And that village gets the reputation of village of healthy and bouncy kids.

Thanks to Indiblogger to let me tell this story.


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