Whom Should be Believed?

While reading Inder Malhotra’s series on former prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru, I come to know about how great communicator Nehru was. The article series is covering all the personality attributes of the great leader of Indian politics. I am quite convinced with the contents of this series. I believe he was The Leader with such exemplary persona.

But I was shocked when my younger brother raised a question on the authenticity of the columnist’s claims. He was quite clear in his point and his clarity convinced me to raise this question. He asked that should we trust on these columnists or newspaper when they are not neutral in their ideologies and alliances. It was quite a logical question that one columnist with such great influence can easily serve the needs of a propaganda. Here I would like to be generic and cover all the opinions of great and learned columnists in all the newspapers.

Here I can come to remember the Dan Brown quote about the difference in science and Christianity. Mr. Brown shared one of his childhood memories. Once being baffled with two different theories of origination of the world, little Brown asked the priest about the authenticity of different versions of origination of the world. The priest answered, ‘Nice Boys don’t ask such questions’. This is same way our youngsters are asking questions. They want to know which so-called truth is truth itself. They all want to accept our leaders as they were in nature without keeping them in any category good or bad. There’s one consensus that whatever they did was best in their limited capabilities.

But the question is who is authentic enough to tell the truth about them. Everyone is so busy in making their marks and previous leaders are the tools of current day politics. So there is a question that we should trust on the authenticity of this newspaper or that newspaper, this columnist or that columnist. It’s just a reference. Someday Subrsmaniyan Swami will come again with his set of self authorised revelations, which will put Nehru in a bad light. He will tell stories to malign the persona of Gandhi Family or making Indians aware with real Gandhi family. The motives are unclear. So who’s right and who’s wrong is the question of greater concern. The authorities must come in common consensus on the matter of historical data and content.

Because if we’ll continue this then sooner or later our youngsters will stop giving the minimum possible impossible respect to their leaders. They will grow confused and wold have none to follow in their troubled times. They seriously will get none to learn from the deeds of their forefathers. Thus, I think we should work on this now.


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