Book Review: Brand Vinci by Pavan Padki

brand-vinciBeing the member of editorial team of a media organisation, I often come across multiple branding activities all across the year. At times, the editorial colleagues don’t understand the purpose of these activities and call them useless exercises for a newspaper. I believe people in other professions can also think alike with no or less understanding of their organisational. But the things have changed over the period of time.  Now everyone working for an organisation is required to work in any sync to support the organisational brands. The values, purposes and achievements of organizational brand should reach up to the housekeeping department of the organisation. It makes people think alike and ensure the flow of organizational energy towards certain premeditated goals. But the things go wrong when the very people who manage, create and feed a brand forget the purpose of their brands. In other cases, they might lose track of long term goals. I won’t say that the brand colleagues don’t do their job appropriately because brand is such a diverse subject that people can get confused. For such people, Brand Vinci does a great job.

This book has successfully kept itself away from the jargon and big beautiful vocabulary of brand world. It is divided in six facets of branding. It includes brand balance, brand purpose, brand perspective, brand positioning, brand property and brand protocol. With each chapter, the author has used creative sketches to emphasise the crucial importance of each chapter in overall success of the brand. Like all great brand and marketing gurus, the author has used real life examples. Yet the examples are short and crisp. In this 91 pages long book, you can understand where you were going wrong in your brand management activities. Moreover, this book is not just for brand creator, developers or managers. But it let everyone understand the essential things about brands.

When it comes to language and presentation, its a gem. The book has used multiple sketches with short tips on branding activities. The language is pretty simple and easy for a non brand professional. The big points are mentioned as quotations in full page images.

Experience as an Avid Reader: In my experience, I have found the good for everyone working for brands. The usage of images along with quotations is interesting. The mention of big principles like “when a consumer products buy or begin using a product, he automatically begins to consume the brand.”  With mention of personal brands like Mother Teresa, Adolf Hitler, the author has tried to explain things like brand properties. So I think the book can be read again and again.

50 Words Verdict: if you are willing to understand anything about brands then this book can help. Without usual thickness of brand books, it’s an easy read. Though, I doubt if it work as a short notes for MBA students.


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