I hope to Bring Back the Touch

Since the day she stopped calling, I am trying to figure out where things went wrong. Now the things are so bad that we cannot talk for straight thirty minutes without blaming and distrusting each other intentions. At this point and not at any point, I blame her for what has happened. She was an adorable kitten when I first met her. We teased each other over horoscope and other things. It developed a bond of friendship between me and her. At that point of time, I never knew what was going to happen between me and her. We were just like meeting each other, sharing our problems and savoring the joy of early twenties. But then came a point where we were too much surrounded with our career related problems that we couldn’t afford to give to newly formed relationship. In such moments, you meet with your loved ones, go to movies, shop together but you never really spend time with your loved one. This is a beginning of an end for all relationships surviving in concrete jungles of metropolitan cities. We couldn’t think of the possible reasons why out relationship was going in the bad shape. In such moments, love birds quarrel each other due to frustration and I believe only the true lovers stay in the relationships despite constant fighting. So we keep on living, together and quarreling together.

Then Rationalism took place:
After trying hard, I took a decision she couldn’t. I thought of going apart with her. I didn’t think about it because I was interested in someone else. Though, I have been blamed for philandering regularly by her. But honestly I never thought of going with anyone. Because I couldn’t think of deserting her for someone fairer than her or good in other aspects. Though, I have so many female friends but all of them are friends just friends not more not less.  Yet, I could not make her believe in my intentions. Now when we are not talking to each other I think her state of frustration especially in our falling apart relationship. I was not spending a minute with her. On the contrary, I was chatting to different girls on Facebook but all of these conversations were intended to learn while interacting with more successful people.

Then I Tried Again

After spending about three months without her, I was away from all bitterness for her. She was again a sweet beautiful kitten for me. Yet, there was an absence of understanding between. I was not able to think of her as the perfect person to go and marrying for lifetime. So, I talked her to talk and talk so that we can #bringbackthetouch . It initially helped and we are still talking to build a trust between. Hope it will work and we will again do good things together….I still hope


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