Book Review: God is a Gamer by Ravi Subramanian

God-is-a-Gamer-AnantReading Ravi Subramanian has always been like coming home. You feel good and excited while reading about the power politics happening in some global bank affecting events of magnitude. It’s like consuming your tested weed that brings you on a certain sort of high. Thus, few things can be found in all RS novels: top management politics in corporate world, couples with growing love, and white house in troubling times. I believe it creates the right mix for any thriller novel offered to Indian thriller readers.

If we talk about the plot of this book then you will find it more intriguing than all previous RS books. However, I have always loved Bankster for unknown reasons. This book drops you in white house where FBI agents are trying to unfold the recent assassination of a US senator. Apart from this, FBI agents are working day and night to resolve an ATM heist. In India, a global bank NIYB is affected with a cyber breach, a gaming company is speedily losing its addicted user base and Indian PM has rejected the FinMin recommendation for governor’s post. As the story unfolds, the FinMin recommended candidate, NIYB CEO Mayvika meets with her sudden demise causing TimesNow anchors to shout at their level best. So it’s all engrossing, gripping and an absolute page turner.

The language of the book is quite simple yet interesting and gripping. You can find few interesting slangs and witty phrases while reading an RS thriller. You can learn and use these phrases at your ease. The important thing about this book’s language is its natural flow. You can just keep on turning pages while reading about the complex assassination of Gillian Tan. The difficult concepts mentioned in ‘God is a Gamer’ come naturally to the reader due to easy flow of words. It’s the magic of words that you can actually see a group of dozens of people wearing hoody jacket stealing money from multiple ATMs in New York City. It’s all look like a marvel comics film which remains in US yet reaches India and some way or other. So, the writer has figured out a formula to write bestselling novels for Indian readers. However, he brings something new every time you read an RS thriller. This time it is bitcoins.

Experience as an Avid Reader: As an avid reader, I really liked eating this book. It just stood for few hours. I started reading this book the moment I reached home after a tired working day. I end up reading the first half of the book in just four to five hours then I finished the whole book next day. So, it was such a good reading experience for me. I come to know about bitcoins and enjoyed the certain sort of high while reading an RS thriller.

50 Words Verdict: It’s a must read book for people who have read the RS books before. But if you are a first timer and want to enjoy the perfect mix of corporate politics, love, ambition, and international relations then you can pick this book. It’s a perfect partner for your traveling sessions.

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