Book Review: Breach by Amrita Chowdhury

breach-by-Amrita-chaudharyWith 13% percent internet penetration growth rate and tech savvy readership, cyber space is becoming a favorable backdrop for thrillers, written for Indian readers. Using this backdrop, author Amrita Chowdhury has come up with her new book ‘Breach’. It includes cyber crime like data theft, and business motivated hacking practices and interaction with digital currencies. These aspects certainly make this book a good read for any young Indian reader. The author has fictionally introduced the potent cyber risk for corporate organizations in absence of safeguards.

This book brings us in a world, where a cyber breach can jeopardize the celebrated career of a young CEO, and a girl can wage a war against cyber criminals after being bullied by one. If we talk about the plot then here’s a mega-sized pharmaceutical company called Acel. The company is on the brink of filing a patent for its new cancer eliminating medicine called ‘Colare’. All the preparations are done and suddenly a cyber criminal steals the highly secret information from Mumbai based data center of company. And, the blame goes on to the celebrated CEO of the Acel’s Indian chapter. At the same time, a girl reaches Mumbai to complete her studies and gets bullied by cyber criminals but fights back. Considerably, at the same time a teenage kid is exploring the unknown limits of cyber space and unknowingly begin doing something illegitimate. Scenes taking place in corporate offices of Washington DC and tiny cafes of Mumbai makes the whole thing interesting.

If I talk about the language of this book then I will say it’s the language that gives a life to this book. You can keep on reading; turning pages one after other and won’t stop even for a moment to understand the complexities of cyber crimes as the author has simplified them. When the story goes in scenes set across the world, it becomes important to keep the scenes simple and short. The author has kept all the chapters averagely one and half pages long. So the flow doesn’t break.

My Experience as an Avid Reader: In my experience, I liked this book for specific reasons: it goes on describing how young Indian minds are turning into hackers, the author’s research on the subject is impeccable and it gives moments of thrill. Moreover, the author has described the complex stuff like hacking into a safe server or cancer eliminating drug in a simple manner. So, I liked the book.

50 Words Verdict: If you seek interest in reading stories woven around the modern world, cyber space and global corporate affairs then this is a good read. In case, you are going to begin reading thrillers set in India with familiar characters and backdrops then you will surely love this book.

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