Book Review: The Winner’s Curse by Dee Walker

wpid-wp-1419799066495.jpegIndia with its vast political landscape gives ample scope to an author to create a page turner thriller with familiar characters. Here an author can pick some familiar characters, influential bodies and a blurry image of concurrent political happenings to make the reader turn page by page. But such efforts go wonderful, when the author choose his characters carefully to give his readers a real thrill. In Winners Curse, the author Dee Walker has honestly created a world where people from all layers of Indian society meet and go on achieving their pre-set goals.

The story is set in the world of 2012, when American Spy or say computer programmer released the secret cables of US administration.  It exposed the US government’s snooping activities under its PRISM project. It shook the whole world including India. Seeing this, Indian government took a decision to arm itself with mass database of all Indian natives under UID project. But it was not all white. The game was going to begin with the Indian version of Prism. The book has all the familiar characters like a homo-sexual sun-in-law of a powerful family, corrupt businessmen, a revered politician and an orphan multi-billionaire engineer. This orphan with education in Delhi IIT and exposure of Dubai turns up a multi billionaire, who stands up for the sake of truth.

With a 270 pages book length, the author has given a distinct pace to the story. The real plot didn’t open up until the first 50 pages. But after the mention of UID project, the pace doesn’t break up. It has been brilliantly balanced and thrill continues till the climax. Here, I would like to add that climax is quite wonderful and unpredictable. So, you went on thinking for a while after ending this book. Each chapter has got the average length of two pages so you actually don’t feel bored. The language is pretty simple and grabs the attention of readers without sending them off on a quest to get the meaning of any alien word.

Why I Loved the Book: When you read the second book of any author, you set some expectations before opening the first pages. It goes well if you find the interesting and fulfilling. So, in case of The Winner’s Curse, its author Dee Walker has fulfilled the expectations. Before this, I read his Beaten By Bhagat, which was an eye opening account of a struggling author. With The Winner’s Curse, the expectations have gone up. I loved one sentence “Friendship has become the fixed deposit, or a bank guarantee. One it will be used, for sure. This is not what it has meant to be” I found one such line when I was reading Paulo Coelho’s the winner stands alone. Paulo has explained the favor bank or called friendship in detail. Apparently, such remarks “dosti main itna nahi karega” are common in this society. So, I love the way, author has pin pointed these usually ignorable stuff with such a fine balance that these tiny dialogs don’t harm the main story but sets the mood of the reader.

50 Words Verdict: If you are planning to read a thriller story during your New Year vacations then you can try The Winner’s Curse by Dee Walker. It has everything that you would love to read in an Indian thriller novel. It doesn’t look like some Hollywood film, which is a good part.


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