Book Review: Simply Complicated by Shreya Prabhu Jindal

Simply-Complicated book

Once it was a dream- an incorruptible dream. We dreamt of spending our old age together, enjoying tea sessions during sixties and going for morning walks. It was all going well. But then something called society, comes in our way and asked us to get married with someone they have chosen. It caused problems. They called our companionship unethical the moment they come to know that we have chosen someone on our own. They asked us to break up but we rebelled with society to convince that our dream is incorruptible. But they convinced us back to achieve something unachievable in order to make our dreams a reality. It trapped us and we made our dream mate’s life miserable. For so, we wept in closed corners. From here, things begin going simply complicated.

Simply complicated by Shreya Prabhu Jindal is the story of each couple living in metropolitan cities. This is the narrative of complicated relationships and some unknown feelings. Sameer loves Karuna and can’t think beyond her but something made him think and that something isn’t a hot chick. Padmini – an editor by profession is in her four year long relationship with her college friend Rahul. Ashta – an editor by profession is a single girl who has got Sameer as her best friend. While reading about these wonderful relatable people, you might see the complications that you have dealt in your relationships and seeing your friends dealing with same.

The author has amazingly connected the dots and made all the characters really relatable. It’s like opening a Pandora box of relationships. You might find some really helpful answers to your questions coming from your past relationships. You might be able to fix the worsening situation by looking at the other side of the coin. The language of the book is quite simple. With some quirky phrases, the narration between a fighting couple goes real. The author has beautifully portrayed the different shades of characters.

Why I loved the book: When I first looked at the book, I didn’t think that this is going to this much engaging. I had great lengths of conversations with my friends about this book. I loved the way author has shown its characters with certain characteristics. As the story grows, you learn that in big cities it’s better to forget small fights with your friends. In these cities, friends are all we get as people who care about us so it’s better to make peace with old friends than making new ones. At times, the narration goes too fast to let big things happen appropriately. Collectively, the book is engaging, readable and good as a gift to your stubborn partner if things are not going well between you two.

50 Words Verdict: If you want to read something relatable with recognizable people and real situations then you must go for it. You will see how some things looks at the other end which looks perfectly normal to you. If you are lucky then this book can also save you from a coming breakup.


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