Multidimensional Investigation Needed in Sunanda Pushkar Murder Case

On January 17th 2014, Congress leader Shashi Tharur’s wife Sunanda Pushkar found dead in room no. 345 of Hotel ‘The Leela Palace’ in Chankyapuri, New Delhi. In the initial report, the first speculative reason of Pushkar’s death came out was suicide. Close friends of Pushkar immediately tweeted with surprising sentiments like Ohh! Sunanda Killed herself. On contrary to these tweets, Pushkar’s brother reportedly told that he believes that Sunanda can’t harm herself. On the same line, bollywood actress Juhi Chavla tweeted “shocked to hear about Sunanda pushkar … Seems like yesterday She was with us at all kkr matches in kolkatta..cheering and cheerful !!. These contradictory comments play an important role to the murder story, which is still unfolding.

The second speculative reason of Pushkar’s death, pushed forward by the husband of Sunanda Pushkar’s, was her impeding sickness. Shashi Tharur said that his wife was suffering from lupus. Her close friends joined Tharur and said yes she indeed was suffering from lupus. The third speculative reason of Pushkar’s death was drug overdose. In the earlier autopsy report, a psychoactive and sedative drug called Alprazolam was found. Including this, there were multiple bruises and an injection mark was found. However, nothing constituted that the real reason of death was drug overdose. On 20th January 2014, AIIMS’ three member forensic team Chief Doctor Sudhir Gupta labeled Sunanda Pushkar death as ‘sudden unnatural death’. The team asked few days to come back with a definition of sudden natural death.

But after a whole year in its final medical report from Dr. Sudhir Gupta team, the death of the Sunanda Pushkar has been labeled as sudden unnatural death. Although, the final report says that there was some kind of a poison in the body of Sunanda Pushkar. But, this report says that Sunanda was perfectly a healthy individual and was not suffering from lupus or any other diseases. Here, all the stories of illness go wrong. Moreover, the counter tweets from people who met with Pushkar day before her death say that she was a cheerful. So, this report kills all the speculation shared by the close friends and the husband of Sunanda Pushkar.

After all this, the thing that stands apart is the action taken by Delhi Police. A year back, Delhi police didn’t file this case with IPC 302. Now, the case has been filed against an anonymous whereas the medical report by AIIMS still says the same. The big question coming out of this murder mystery is that on what grounds Delhi police is capable of naming the poison responsible for death as polonium 210. Apart from this, there should be a separate investigation on how a leak medical report, prepared by Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) said that Pushkar was suffering from various diseases including heightened photo-sensitivity, arthritis and lupus. This leaked medical reportedly supported the story of Shashi Tharur about Pushkar’s illness. Moreover, the twitter accounts of both Shashi Tharur and Sunanda Pushkar should be duly investigated because in one tweet she herself has accepted that she has been diagnosed with multiple issues. On the other hand, the KIMS has said that she was perfectly fine and was only prescribed simple medication.

This murder mystery is required to be investigated from multiple angles to understand the factors which were used to support the fiction and bury the facts. Such multidimensional investigation will improve the future course of investigations in this changed digitized world.


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