Queen – My Journey from Conformist to Nonconformist

queenSometimes, you want to do something crazy that the folks around you find too crazy & stupid to attempt but you still go on attempting such things. Because something inside you propels to attempt at these things no matter you will gain or lose. Here comes the moment of struggle. You decide which comes first: you or the collective opinion of people around you. It’s about my journey from being a conformist to a nonconformist.

It was a fine Thursday evening, when I was about to leave the workplace so that I can come back the next morning. Right then I logged on Bookmyshow.com to check the show timings of an award winning movie Queen’s re-release. It was kind of an old habit to lookout for the opportunities of trying things that others usually ignore and keep looking at such opportunities until they die naturally. So I was just habitually checking if the rerelease has been replaced with a new movie or not. Somewhere deep in my heart I knew that there will not be any show left as the rerelease was not drawing crowd.

In case of such must-watch movies, I used to check their Wikipedia pages to make myself convince that I should and must watch these movies in theater. In order to be surer of the contents, I used to check what the director and actors have told about the flick in their recent interviews. Once I became sure that I must see this movie in theatre, I used to ask folks around me if they would like to watch the film. In most cases, they have said, ‘let’s go some other day, some other movie or just tried to convince me that the movie is not good enough for theater.’ I used to give up on such discussions and manipulate myself by saying that it will be an act of stupidity to watch a film that others have not found good enough to be watched in a theater. So, I used to end up moving on to another film or such crazy thing that my heart tells I must do.

So on this fine Thursday evening, I checked the show timings of Queen only to find out that the last show is going to begin in another thirty minutes in INoX Kanpur. In order to cross check the information, I called up the booking counter and after few minutes of requests of being patient, I was served with the information that the last show is indeed scheduled to begin in thirty minutes. I returned to my desk while fighting a psychological war between a follower of social customs and a lone solider who fights for what he believes in.  It’s a long passage from the balcony to my desk. While crossing this long passage, all I could think of making people agree but they didn’t yield despite kind of pleading to them to go movie with me just because I wanted to do that. Once everyone said no, we won’t. I was going to feel low as I always do and looked up at the poster of the film. I was reading the Wikipedia page for last time before shutting down the system and then I read something really unexplainable in words.

I read, “She goes solo on her honeymoon to Paris when her fiancé breaks the marriage with her.”

I don’t know how and why but this line gave me strength to go and watch the movie alone. I just shut down my PC and reached the minute when the movie was about to start.  Before this, I have met only found two people: Om Dheeraj and Ruhi Sonal, who used to go for movies alone. Right then, I found it quite stupid to go and watch the movie alone. The experience of watching the movie alone was awesome that I will talk about in another post. But with Queen, I turned from a conformist to nonconformist. After finishing the movie, I was like dancing and singing the movie’s songs in a crazy while driving. That moment, I decided to try on another crazy thing of visiting Kasauli alone. That day I learned that it is quite relieving to live in present while doing the things you trust most.


One thought on “Queen – My Journey from Conformist to Nonconformist

  1. Queen – My Journey from Conformist to Nonconformist | Hues of A Soul is a fantastic piece
    of creating, I’m discussing with my close friends.

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