Good Old Days and Van Heusen’s MY FIT

Some 16 years back, there was a guy named Rahees-ul Uncle. He was our family tailor, who used to visit our house before every big event in family: be it a marriage ceremony, birthdays or regular festivals. Mom used to call him at least 14 days before initiation of any such celebrations so that he can work comfortably. Back then we were not aware of his religious faiths, caste and social stature, he was the man of word for us. He never missed any deadline in getting our new cloths stitched with best fits. He was so perfect that our entire family or I should say our 250 people plus Khaandaan never ever looked for anyone else. I still remember his smiling face and his ways of playing with us while taking measurements for our new outfits. We used to hide the keys of his Hercules cycle to make him stay little more so that we can play more. But as every good thing comes with an end, our relationship with Raheesul uncle and best fitted cloths ended when we left our hometown.

On reaching Kanpur, we tried many good and known tailors of the city but never got the fitting of Raheesul uncle. For the time being, we tried get our cloths stitched at our hometown. But gradually, readymade cloths begin dominating in our wardrobes and we begin loosing the sense of being dressed in best fit cloths. It continues for quite a long time until I didn’t come across an advert of Van Heusen.

Being part of a privileged Indione Group at, I came across the promotion campaign of van heusen. Usually, I don’t take part in such wonderful blogging contests due to time constraints and multiple other things but this blogging contest was really cool and interesting. The description made me apply for this contest. Here, I like to thank Diana, who took the pain to wake me up for visiting the show room of Van Heusen to try MY FIT campaign.

On reaching the nearest Van Heusen store, I found it bit difficult to make them understand my purpose of visit as they had no communication over Indiblogger’s campaign with Trend-In. So, I went on asking about MY FIT thing. Here I met with Sachin. While chit-chatting with him, I come to know that many people come with such urgency that they can’t even afford waiting for five to ten days for the delivery of MY FIT outfits. But, I see their expression of interest as micro conversion because such customers usually come back in future. But, the store must introduce the visitors with this thing to make them feel what it can do for them. I believe such introduction goes very essential for tier two cities like Kanpur, where people don’t frequently visit stores like Van Heusen to find their perfectly fitted outfits. So, “little introduction” will help.

If I will talk about my personal experience then Sachin helped me in choosing the best fit for me. It includes valuable suggestions in finalizing the shade for the trouser & shirt from a thick catalogue of color shades (I don’t know what we call to that book which carry color shades). Eventually, I finalized my order in exact 47 minutes. I intentionally put on the time app.

After 9 days, I received the order and tried the MY FIT outfits. It was unexpectedly wonderful because I felt really great while trying those perfectly fitted shirt & trouser. Here I would like to pay sincere thanks to my friend for coming with me to explore a right fit for me.


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