Making of a Universe

googleSince I was a 13 years boy, I saw only one side of love. It was to walk with someone to reach somewhere. This someone should have been the person whom you can like and feel proud to walk in daylight. But one day something happened and it changed my way of seeing love or close cousins of this strong emotion. Let me tell you the story of two people who were not in love of each other. They were fellow travelers, who liked each other genuinely. They sought utter joy in each other’s company. They found solace in seeing each other smiling. And, one day they embarked on a journey to come close but they lost in a world which was even unknown to them. They went to a movie.

Movie was the idea of the boy as he wanted to see the girl like a painting lover looks at a classic painting, like a painter looks his canvas, likes a writer looks at his notebook, like a passionate boy looks at a beautiful girl. In a movie hall, it was easy to avoid to people who stare at such unions. So they reached the movie hall on time and landed on their seats. Movie was about to begin and suddenly the girl found a kid on seat next to them. Seeing the kid as a potential cause of disruptions in romantic exchanges, girl requested the multiplex manager to change seats. Manager ignored the reason of request and replied utterly that he understands the reason and offered a corner seat. It made the girl embarrassed a bit but she quickly returned. It was a cool change -a seat next to the service gate of the hall. It added fun in their journey. For the first half, they kept on laughing loudly. As the visuals and audio were not matching to each other. They were getting the audio of Dhishum – Dhishum when on screen pair were making love, due to their proximity of service door. It kinda added fun in the union. They didn’t know how many times they laughed on manager’s reaction of proper seating arrangement.

After the first half, they begin watching movie seriously as the movie on alongside screen was over. They were sipping cold-drink and eating pop-corns. Now was the time when something strange happened. The boy embarked on his journey in a rocky ocean. Unaware of how to take his boat further in that tidy mountain, the boy was trying to go ahead instead of turning back to shore because he didn’t come from any shore. They were still watching the movie, still noticing each unfolding of the movie plot but the girl was going across tidy emotions. The boy was going ahead in her ocean of emotions. Soon…the boy will learn sailing in the tidy ocean and ocean will accept its new sailor. Then they will belong to each other. A universe will be made.


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